Bear Market Strategies

Hi everyone - I apologize in advance for the long winded post but would like to get the community’s thoughts.

Background: I started mining CKB and KDA about 8 months ago. I managed to successfully buy majority of my ASICS at the cycle top (LOL). I’ve been investing/trading in the crypto space since early 2013, I’m seasoned in market cycles and unfazed by FUD, narratives, exchange insolvency, hacks, etc.

With the prices of ASICS dropping I’m looking to slowly scale up my farm as a way of lowering my costs basis. With CKB and KDA being most speculative in an already speculative asset class, I’m looking to reduce risk by focusing more on mining Bitcoin and have long term investment mindset.

This is where I’m having a difficult time deciding how to move forward. Let’s say I were to buy an S19 XP - currently $10k at Coin Mining Central. As of now it would net roughly $8 per day after electricity, ROI would be roughly 3.5 years given BTC price and hashrate stayed the same. Or I could purchase a KD Lite for $9k that would net around $13 a day, with ROI being roughly 2 years. Again given that price and hashrate stays the same. Wouldn’t it make sense to mine KDA, sell mining profits for Bitcoin as a way to accumulate more BTC? I understand I wouldn’t be contributing to further secure the Bitcoin network, but at the end of the day majority of us are here to make money. Is there something I’m not considering or overlooking?

Any thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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I’m pretty new here and I don’t do any asic mining but, if I were you I would go with the KDA miner as KDA is basically close to a 8 month low, I cant see an established coin like that going lower than its current price, but things do change drastically. the KDA miner IS cheaper so that makes it more attractive but, again KDA could completely dump. but its your call, I’m more of a risky person so, take my reply with a grain of salt.

Happy mining!

Also goldshell is selling the kd lite for much less than 8k right now on the official gold shell website 5,695

Thanks for your reply. I’m a risk taker myself and am leaning towards mining KDA. Selling mined KDA daily for fiat and buying lower if market nukes is an option.

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I’ve had a similar dilemma. How can I justify 3Kw of power on an S19 when a KD lite can make so much more for the same power input.
However - I don’t have any BTC mining happening, so I found a deal on S19Pro 82Th for $2K USD, which is down at 2.8Kw or something like that. Those are on the way. BTC isn’t going anywhere and is a commodity. Everything else might become a security and get awkward. I’m hanging on to the hope that all the coins will bounce back. I’m still hopeful of $100K BTC soonish. Not by Christmas like I thought before Luna happened, but at some point.
So I’m just going to bleed cash on power running BTC on top of all the alt miners here so I have something making BTC. I expect my GPU rig on Nicehash to become quite unprofitable soon so need something making BTC.
It was just a choice between an S19 of some type, a KD-Lite, or several KD Box Pros.