Become a Bitmain official partner

Hi, are you interested in Bitcoin? Have you paid any attention to mining machines?

Now it’s your chance to be a part of Meta LB.

Who are we?

Being a world-leading maintenance and sales company of bitcoin mining machines, Meta LB produces media news related to cryptocurrency on the worldwide internet. As a Chinese company with global service capability, we can offer mining machines of varieties of brands at lowest price. Meanwhile, we are able to provide you and your customer with high-quality maintenance service.

In 2022, we plan to continue to establish maintenance and sales companies of bitcoin mining machines in North America, Canada, Russia, Central Asia and other digital asset regulatory compliance and friendly places.

At the same time, we are looking forward to finding more partners and agencies.

Things we can provide:

Cheaper mining machines(brand new and second-hand)

Professional guidance of maintenance of mining machines(We own official maintenance bases of Antminer, Avalon, Whatsminer)

The access to use our company’s brand content(We are now operating company accounts on all platforms)

Answer related questions anytime.(For free)



How to guarantee our legitimacy?

We can provide you with our company’s business license, photos, part of the manufacturer’s authorization, part of the manufacturer’s purchase agreement and so on. The large number of high-quality videos present not only our professionalism, but also the power of Meta LB. For more videos, check out on our YouTube channel.

How to make sure your mining machines are running perfectly? What’s the procedure of shipment?

We will send you testing videos and photos of the mining machines before shipment. You can also ask us for more information. We will choose the best logistics partners in the industry to realize global distribution. All you have to do is keep in touch with the customers.

What should you do if any problem happens to the machine?

We hope that the cooperation will be long-term and based on mutual trust. Feel free to contact us if anything happens to the machines and we will help you solve these problems within 48 hours.

We also provide multiple payment methods in major currencies around the world, including US dollar, Euros, Canadian dollars, yen etc. and digital currency settlement BTC/ETH/USDC/USDT etc.

Agents do not have to pay any security fees and can settle commissions in designated currencies or digital assets.

Here are two ways to cooperate with us:

In-depth cooperation

As our in-depth cooperation, we will provide you with a unified quotation. When you reach a deal, you will get our core agency price, and we will be responsible for delivery and after-sales of mining machines.

(You need to have a certain influence on we-media, or extensive contacts in the crypto digital asset industry in your area, and actively participate in the information dissemination of meta LB, full of love for the crypto asset industry, and the monthly purchase volume reaches our agreed quantity, you will be open for agent privileges)

Junior cooperation

We will provide you with an official quotation of the company every day, you have the right to set your own price, but we are only responsible for the delivery and will not be responsible for the after-sales problems of the miner.

Cooperation process:

1、Determine your willingness to cooperate

2、Begin basic cooperation

3、Apply to become an agent (If you want, we will make an appointment.)

4、Sign the agent contract

Business process:

  1. The customer sends a purchase request to the agent

  2. Agents contact our staff to obtain specific quotes

  3. Send the quotation to the customer

  4. The customer makes a payment to confirm the order

  5. The company confirms the payment received

  6. Test the mining machine and send relevant videos and pictures

  7. Contact logistics to deliver the mining machine

  8. The customer receives the mining machine

  9. More after-sales service

Never heard of you before


I am honored that you replied to me. Thank you.
The reason you have never heard of us is that we are a Chinese company and we used to operate mainly in China, we have branches in Chengdu, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
I’m sure you’ve heard that China is now very strict about asic miner and this has forced us to leave China, so we started to develop in other countries only in December 2021.
We understand that you are skeptical about us, we believe that trust is built step by step, we are about to establish bitcoin miner repair and sales companies in North America, Canada, Russia, Central Asia, etc. If you can we hope that you can visit us on site then to help us build trust, of course you can also come to China we will treat you warmly.
We are an official partner of Bitmain, we don’t cheat, if you want to cooperate we can show you more official documents with Bitmain, we cooperate with many Chinese asic miner manufacturers, so we can get almost all brands of asic miner, our price is also cheaper, the point is that we will also set up a repair center, to improve our service. The point is that we will also establish a repair center to improve our service. And all of our machines have a warranty, and in the future we will establish a fund for installment payments of asic miners.
So we hope you can learn more about us, and as you get to know us better, we are confident that we can win your trust and reach a cooperative relationship!

Hopefully this works out. It sounds like something the US industry could use. I am looking forward to updates.