Before you KYC... with any exchanges you've used in the past

FYI, saw your video earlier on Kucoin and KYC and wanted to mention to anyone that’s thinking of completing it… unless you want to provide anyone in the future with all your past transactions I would set up a completely new account and KYC on that, so they don’t have access to any previous transactions. I may even go a step further and set up completely new external wallet for any crypto that I’d be doing any transfers with them so they can’t link it to the old account too…).

Might be being paranoid but it seems like change is on the horizen and I think it’s wise to CYA as much as possible.



pros and cons to both, but losing the anon factor, might as well set up a fresh account with KYC instead of linking years of history to all of your personal information. really disappointed in kucoins latest move.