Begineer in tje minnng world

Hi guys,

I am interested in started mining eth in my hoûse. Can someone advise me with some link or advises. O have no idea abt this world but I want to know and start. And what budget I can start with.

Well, you could watch some of the mining videos here (not the Defi ones that are more recent)
VoskCoin - YouTube

If you are planning to mine Eth, that’s likely to be GPU mining in residential terms. This is a little old, and the prices are now higher due to the market, but there’s:
Best Bang For Buck GPU Mining Rig Build Guide 2019 - Mine Zcoin, Ethereum, Ravencoin, Grin, and Beam - YouTube
Noob’s Guide to Building a $1,000 GPU MINING RIG :pick: - YouTube

Here’s some sites with videos you can review:

Son of a Tech - YouTube

Crypto and Hot Rods - YouTube

ChumpChangeXD - YouTube

Dizzy Mining - YouTube

notyournormalminer - YouTube

SavageMine - YouTube

SerpentXSF - YouTube

SpaceGoats - YouTube