Beginner Immersion Mining! Liquid Cool Bitcoin Miners! DCX Bitpod Review

Today I am expanding my liquid cooled Bitcoin mining farm, with the DCX Bitpod it’s an immersion mining system to increase Bitcoin miner profitability, overclocking, longevity, and ASIC lifespan leading to a better return on investment, let’s review it! Buy a miner here - Coin Mining Central - UK Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Supplier

Buy the Altair mining PDU here - ATP1M Metered PDU, 30A, 1U, 240V, 7500W, L6-30P Plug – Altair Technology – Bitcoin Mining Solutions
Buy miners and other ASIC parts here! Altair Technology – Bitcoin Mining Solutions – Bitcoin Miners, Parts & Accessories.
Learn more about DCX immersion mining options - Home Immersion Mining Systems - DCX Liquid Cooling Systems
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Plug and play immersion mining, I am addicted to earning passive income mining cryptocurrencies lol – forget fan spoofers, today I used Braiins immersion mode firmware.

Immersion Mining safety nitrile gloves -
Universal plug adapter, forget wiring!
Braiins firmware tutorial guide -
How to deploy miners in immersion fluid -
Contact BMA Enterprises crypto division here - BMA Enterprises - Crypto Division Home Page

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Installing the DCX Bitpod
00:50 BMA helping out!
01:44 Electricity wiring in the crypto mining shed
03:27 What kind of pdu’s are we using?
05:30 Installing the drycooler
08:54 Modifying the Bitpod for American electricity connection
13:45 Drilling some holes
15:55 Cutting and fitting the hoses
19:16 Filling the liquid in the drycooler system
22:45 Preparing the Bitcoin miners for immersion
25:45 Putting the shrouds on for efficient mining
28:00 Putting the Bitcoin miners in the tank
29:30 Putting in the Immersion liquid into the Bitpod
33:26 Its running!
37:00 You can fit in four whats miners in the bitpod!
38:00 A leak!
41:00 Multiple circuits instead of one
44:00 What do I think of the DCX Bitpod

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Beginner Immersion Mining! Liquid Cool Bitcoin Miners! DCX Bitpod Review

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