Beginner interested in buying ONE mining worker to test it out

Hi everyone, I just wanted suggestions on where to start and where to look for parts or devices already build. In your honest opinion, is it too late to start? Watched some videos but I’m still extremely green!

Hey, Welcome aboard, we hope it’s a bull run for you. No it’s not late, and Gold Shell is a very good place to start. They’re miners are quiet, and don’t generate so much heat. So you can get started without having to worry about,

  1. Upgrading your electricity.
  2. Sound proofing a room, or building a sound proof box.
  3. Initial cost is kept to minimum, with regards to ASIC mining.
  4. Electricity cost aren’t that high.
    Well hope this helped, if not just ping the conversation, to get other people’s attention.

Thanks for the Response! I’ll keep you guys posted on what happens!

Any recommendations for which GoldShell?

Yup, their Mini Doge. Voskcoin has a bunch of videos on them as well other sites. Also please don’t take my word for it, keep asking around.
The one thing I can say is “knowledge is power” and in this space there is know better way to approach it.

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