Beginner looking to mine

Looking to start mining xmr and eth. What equipment do I need as a beginner? Can someone get me like a step by step on this? Thanks really appreciate it.

First step is a budget. How much are you looking to put into your first rig?
Second, you have that part figured out with what you want to mine.
Third, XMR is best mined with a Ryzen CPU, and ETH with AMD gpu, preferably RX 5700 or 5700 XT. You can pick up a nice B450 that has room for two or three gpus, or if you want to bypass XMR, get a nice mining board with 6-13 PCIE slots and get a celeron CPU and 4-8GB ram with a small SSD.

There are a few videos on YouTube about how to build a rig, step by step as well.

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Next, you’ll need a wallet address for each coin you want to mine. Google the coin include the word “wallet” and if directed to Github, download and install that. Be prepared to see windows claim there is a virus…just choose allow.

Ditto for a mining program. There are Linux versions which will boot from a thumb drive and win10 x64 versions. You find them the same way as the wallet, and often in the same repository.

Finally, you need a pool. All pools are not created equally as some have better graphic, some charge a different fee, some have SSL servers for privacy/security and the number of miners in a pool affect your share of blocks found. Google the coin include POOL in the search. I like 2Miners which supports many coins. F2pool, is another, Ethermine, Sparkpool, and Mintpond are others. You can also mine directly from a few exchanges but I haven’t tried that.

That’s it, except for the hardware and the excellent suggestion above, that’s pretty much all you need. so get to work, read up, experiment and get your feet wet. converting coins, exchanging them for bitcoin or selling your
ETH for cash are future projects for you to learn…and, yes everyone wants a piece of your money. (fees).