Beginner setup problems

Hi everyone!

I recently build a miner with a good friend of mine, we are both pretty young (19) but very fascinated and enthousiast about crypto for almost four years now. The problem we have with our miner is next:

We have a few gpu’s right now but two of them (RX 470’s 4gb) don’t perform the way they should although one of them (XFX rx470 samsung mem.) is pretty decent at about ~20mhs but the other one (Asus strix 470 hynix mem.) Only gets about 15-16mhs and if i want to bios mod that card the card doesnt work at all or crashes alot and mines at 3-6mhs… :sweat_smile:

Someone able to get give me some tips/help? :slight_smile:

What are you mining?

Right now daggerhashimoto on phoenix miner :slight_smile:

you use wrong drivers and wrong tune

Which driver would you recommend? There’s also some RxX 5600 XT’s, 480’s and 580’s in the rig. Ill look further into the bios of the 470’s but everytime i want to flash the modded one it says device id’s don’t match but i use their stock rom i got from gpu-z to mod them so i know what’s wrong there :confused:

crympson beta drivers
if ids dont match is wrong bios
bios yo can download be serial number under card have sticker

Are you using the Radeon Adrenalin software? if so, what version do you currently have?

20.9.1 for the moment,

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I’m running 20.11.1 and it’s been working very stable for me. I tried updating to 20.12.1 and started getting a ton of incorrect shares (hundreds/day). I haven’t tried 20.13.1, but switching back to 20.11.1 helped a lot (past 19 hours has 674 accepted, 0 rejected).