Being robbed blind

Utube is running there scam right now!!! How do let people;e know?

Utube runs this scam where they put up an interview with Vatalic the Ethereum dude, and say there having an Eth/Bitcoin give away. STOP it’s a scam I got scammed!!! I won’t say how much way to embarrassed. Does anyone know where I can to fight these scammers.

I’m convinced these scams are run by YouTube. I saw them two years ago with interviews of John McAfee and Elon Musk. They are always at the top of the suggestion lists and on and on it goes.
Record the addresses they post and analyze how much crypto they extract !
The only way to fight is with records. You can’t fight it in court since you don’t want anyone to know what you have. So no matter what you do you will always loose.
Consider this
most people consider this to be a mistake, but the mistake taught you a lesson. Now you have clarity to make a new decision. Don’t ever be afraid of mistakes, they teach you something for the future.
Now you know !
Don’t make these mistakes on purpose though.

Thank You. Well said SpindlerJ. Need to figure out how to throw you a whaat whaat…