Benchmark Protocol launches New Rebasing Token W/ Staking & DeFi Farming MARK

Benchmark Protocol launched their MARK token, a crypto DeFi token on Ethereum made that you can stake, liquidity mine, and yield farm AND it’s a rebasing token?! Let’s review MARK token!
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Benchmark Protocol is a supply elastic collateral and hedging device that revolves around the volatility index and their DeFi crypto token MARK which allows for staking, governance voting, and yield farming via their incentivized liquidity pools! MARK tokens rebase, similar to Ampleforth and Yam Finance, however, MARK tokens are not pegged to the US dollar, Benchmark MARK tokens augment supply based on the Special Drawing Rights SDR which is a composite international reserve asset comprised of the US dollar, Euro, Great British Pound, Chinese Yuan, and the Japanese Yen. So let’s review Benchmark Protocol and if their MARK tokens will allow them to standout in this cryptocurrency bullrun largely revolving around decentralized finance!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
0:00 New defi cryptocurrency with rebased supply
1:24 What is the Benchmark Protocol & their $MARK token?
2:18 Social Media for the project
4:00 Benchmark Protocol has been audited
4:57 Providing $MARK liquidity
6:20 On-chain Governance with Snapshot
9:49 Launch of the Benchmark Protocol & Early Adoption
13:38 Re-balancing the token every day
15:45 The team behind Benchmark Protocol
16:44 Final Overview & Roadmap
19:22 What are your thoughts on $MARK?

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Benchmark Protocol Review