Best 120V asic to concider for a beginning hobbiest

what would be the recommended asic for 120 as i dont not currently have access to 240 yet? No need to comment on electircal cost as it is a non factor for me. Does the whatsminer come available for 120v?

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What’s your budget. And what coins would you like to mine?

sha-256. sry for leaving out prob the most important part. the key is beginner and hovvist, so i would say starting point would be cheapest/to most cost effective

If you’re not paying for power you could consider running an S19 on 120v using this method

In terms of buying an S19 in BTC (say 0.02 btc) even with difficulty increases and the halving using the calculator you should get a return of 0.07btc over the next 3.5 years with a 100Th miner, this is your best option for specifically sha-256 with what I’m assuming is free power