Best $1300 investment?

If you were buying your very first miner (after Helium miner, which is a given) and had $1300 to $2,000 to spend, you could buy a MiniDoge miner and make a buck or 2 a day, or you could buy a “gaming pc” with a reasonably fast graphics card and mine with it on unmineable or _____, or ______, and make $? a day? What would you invest in and how much do you think it would make a day? Answer WITHOUT mentioning HNT (I’m already into that, but waiting for delivery).

With a $2000 max, I would find a good deal on 2 L3+ and overclock them.

Miner stat is showing an L3+ is making a little over $3/day. I’m not sure what an overclocked L3+ would be making.

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be careful to check profitability against your electrical cost. In SOCAL its currently cheaper to just buy ltc! I might just sell my L3+


My opinion I’d go with a l3+ over a mini for that price range there tanks and will run none stop granted you don’t make much but will add up in long run you can try a s17pro but what I hear they are nightmare and most likely will need to be messed with on delivery but seems once there up and running they are good all is my opinion in your price range

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