Best bang for the buck?

What machines offers the best bang for the buck? I have $10,000

Jasminer X4-1U

I’d be careful with that one since ethereum is going pos, the only problem is we don’t know when

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I’d go with an a1246 if your power cost is 11 cents or less.

I saw on their site that after Eth goes pos we can continue to mine etc till 2029 anyone know about this ?

Eth itself will not be mined once it goes pos. I’m not sure how much you’ll make mining eth classic with it. Definitely research before buying, my guess would be a lot less than eth.

Looks like etc at current price depending on electric can make around 4-6k usd a year. So, roughly a 2 year break even on a few prices I have seen. This was just a quick check, so definitely do your research, I could have easily missed something. Let us know what you decide to do and how it works out.

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When ETH does move from PoW to PoS, all the EtHash algo rigs will be redeployed into next best use case, such as ETC. That’s going to be a LOT of hashing power moving over to EtHash algo alts that simply don’t require so much hashing power. Not that this is the proper way to measure it but just as an example, ETH’s market cap is nearly 100x that of ETC. All other EtHash alts’ market caps combined are a rounding error compared to ETC, let alone to ETH

So once these latent rigs start shifting over to EtHash alts, I’d expect difficulty on alts such as ETC to rise rapidly and $/day yield to drop. Many of today’s lower yielding ASIC rigs might have to go dark should electricity costs exceed gross $/day.

IMO, if someone wants to invest in an EtHash rig now, it had better be priced where one can breakeven quickly - and the market simply isn’t pricing them in this manner. Part of it has to do with everything involving ETH historically has been delayed, often seriously delayed. By it’s nature, crypto mining has a lot of variables. EtHash mining (if one is starting now) adds yet another, and a very significant, variable

But the above is just my expectation. Everyone has to dyor.


Great info to add, I am on the same page as you and won’t touch it unless I can get a truly great deal due to the unknown of when eth goes to pos. I agree with you also on the fact that everyone needs to do their own research and make the decision that is best for them.

Seems like only way to go around this is for the crypto market to rise in value