Best budget rig?

i want to start mining with low budget rig, so i hope someone answer my qsts
qs1: so can anyone give me the necessary parts / components that i need to build one
qs2: (GTX 1660 super, AMD rx 570/580 8gb, AMD rx470/4808gb, AMD rx 5500 xt 8gb) are this modules good for mining,if yes then which one is the best

and thanks

im not a miner so i cant answer the first question but as for your second question here are the expected hashrates and profit you can make possibly make . i did the numbers assuming your electric is 0.10$ .

Name : GTX1660(not super)
Power Draw : 130W @22 MH/s
Estimated profits : $3.89/d on ETH(currently most profitable)
Price : if 339$ you can make your money back in about 112days

Name : AMD Radeon RX 580
Power Draw : 150 W @26 MH/s
Estimated Profit : $4.59/d on ETH
Price : if you buy for $549.00 then you’ll break even in 130 days

Name : AMD Radeon RX 570
Power Draw : 140 W @22 MH/s
Estimated Profit : $3.89/d on ETH
Price : if you buy for $1,262 then you’ll break even in 365 days but try finding used

Name : AMD Radeon RX 470
Power Draw : 140 W @ 23 MH/s
Estimated Profit : $4.06/d on ETH
Price : if you buy for $319.99 then you’ll break even in 86 days

Name : AMD Radeon RX 480
Power Draw : 150 W @ 24 MH/s
Estimated Profit : $4.24/d on ETH
Price : if you buy for $300 then you’ll break even in 80 days or so

This is the amount of information i could gather but i did not take into account the power draw of CPU and other components of the rig so please consider them also most cards are out of stock so try used market and to bring down the price of the cards . I hope you find this useful good luck out their :smile:


This is really helpful so thank you very much for the detailed response man

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Rig plans are on this site & youtube I’ll post a couple that I looked at. The best cards change with crypto prices as each coin can go up or down for several days and profitability changes based on how many miners, which software or pool is used to mine and how many transactions etc etc etc…lots of variables. A bear market can be hard on everyone, Vosk covers this on youtube, see his library of videos.

I plan to build a rig later, I’m using PC’s for now. I may remove the motherboard so I can use risers to add more cards plus pc cases have heat ventilation issues. Open rigs rock! I have 2 RX580 and 2 1080ti but as you see above the 480 can outperform and the rig setup is a factor plus everyone agrees that Windows software isn’t as good as Linux Ubuntu. Not sure how much the difference in software makes with mining profits but Linux has fewer hassles.

GPU calculators can give an estimate of profit per day per card but many get higher returns than what they predict.

My RX 480 gets about 28.1 MH/S and the RX 580 does 30+. Most graphics card will be able to do these numbers, you just gotta tweak your memory overclocks and test out a bunch of settings.

I just got an RX 580 today for 287$


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from where you get his numbers? 470,480,570,580 all his cards run between 30-31.2mhs and depend of model power draw between 65-85watt from wall. not as you say between 22-26mhs at 140-150watt. even stock gpu without moded bios draw less of you number

for example: h81 pro btc, celeron cpu,4gb ram 2x 750watt psu, 6x 580 8gb nitro in total draw 900watt at 192.2mhs same set up just 480 draw 660watt at 192mhs

i got my numbers from

they are not always exact but they give you a sense of what to expect