Best choice for 1st mining rig ever in my life?

Hey guys, thinking about to start a small mining rig, I have like 1200$ budget, i don’t if getting a single EVGA GTA 1660 or for example 3 other smaller gpus?? also I know I need a mother board, what do you suggest? next is 60$ CPU intel right? maybe 6gb RAM? power supply??? I little help would be good guys!!! after all that hardware I can still select what crypto I would like to be mining right? if yes I guess it is all online to setup the company to be mining whith?? i am bit confuse

thank you o much amigos

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You should be able to get all this stuff new on ebay for $350 or less. Buy a high end (EVGA) power supply used. Don’t buy a cheap new one.

ASRock H110 Pro (you may want to expand)
Celeron G3930
GPU riser for each GPU
Veddha rack or similar (might as well go with at least 8 GPU size)
Fans for Veddha rack
power supply (size depends on your GPUs and how much you want to expand)

Then you need to choose GPUs. I would lean towards 3 x RX 5700s although that will probably put the cost around $1350.

Once you have the hardware you need a wallet that supports whatever coin(s) you want to mine. If you would rather just get paid in BTC no matter what you are actually mining, NiceHash is a good place to start since they will choose what you mine and all of the mining software is pre-loaded and configured. If you want the actual coins you are mining, then you need to get mining software that supports the coin (Phoenix miner, Claymore, NGMiner, Gminer etc.) After that, you find a suitable mining pool for that coin and point your mining software to that pool. You will configure how often the coins mined are sent on the pool website in most cases. Your wallet address is usually entered into the mining software.

That was the quick version because choosing the best wallet, software, and pools can be pretty research intensive. Mining software and pools have a wide range of fees and different payout schemes so it can be a tough choice.


Great list here (above) and you might consider:
A B250 Motherboard will let you XMP the memory to 2400 Mhz
With a Motherboard that supports an M.2 nVMe memory stick you don’t need a Hard Drive or SSD.
A Motherboard that supports a Multi-Core/Multi-Threaded CPU will also CPU mine for you. If the processor supports AVX, faster CPU miners (i.e. HellMiner) can be used with multiple threads to 100x the hashrate as shown here:

Note that the HellMiner is using 10 Cores and has AVX. The Intel_CPU is using 2 cores and uses SSE4.2. It doesn’t have AVX

bro you just blew my mind lol looks like I got a rabbit hole to wander down for tonight

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where can I find more info about that maybe a video or something?

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Don’t know, I learned about the AVX, AVX2, AVX512, SSE2 versions up to 4.2 from hard disk mining.
Once I was GPU mining I noticed the AVX called out as the miner loaded and sure enough if you processor supports it, it will mine better and faster
Look up your cpu on to see its specs about whether it supports avx