Best country in the world to start a mid-large size ASIC mining farm?

If you could start a mining farm in any country, depending on cheap electricity and laid back regulations over mining, which country would that be ?

I see Kazhkstan is cheap on the electricity side, but I’ve read some recent news that they are proposing a tax miners, which may increase further. Not sure if that is true, or simply them trying to protect their local miners.


Greenland or Iceland for cheapest cooling. The Cooler ASIC’s run, the longer they last

But me personally, my home is the USA - will take the good with the bad :wink:

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Iceland, for the win.

I’ve been to Iceland and they are still independent people.

The rest of the earth appears to be enslaved to the central banking system.

When Britain and Germany tried to enslave Iceland for some banker’s fraud the Icelandic people gave them the finger and wrote a new constitution and put the fraudster in prison and told those central bankster tyrants they could have him if they wanted him.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the rest of the world acted like free people?

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Seems interesting, but I heard they were turning new miners away ?

All the countries that have very cheap electricity and established miners seem to have some sort of regulation on the horizon to either tax / limit miner’s power or introduce an upwards slowing power rate.

No tax on crypto withdrawals in Portugal, and plenty of sun for solar panels.

I am trying to build wind generator mining farm… I have 270 days of wind… I had calculation and I can purchase for 6000 usd offgrid hibrid inverter 5KW , litium ion battery for 10KW , 5KW wind generator , and to be complety independent of power comsuming… * but i have offgrid hibrid inverter so I can use power network when battery is deapleted or there is no wind… + 1200 USD for T 17 second hand … ROI of this should be 24 months , after that I will throw away miner … and have free power supply… If this is ok , then I will montage this 5-10 systems…

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That sounds awesome! I just have a few solar panels on my roof, but I have big plans for the future. I have been looking for land with a stream or river, where I can fit a vortex micro hydro generator.
I hope all your plans come to fruition, brother :+1:

That’s brilliant, I’m doing the same thing except with Solar, generate 46,000kwh of solar per year + 45kwh of lithium lifepo4 batteries, Mining pays for it all so have the asset value back in crypto + free power. Also bought my wife an electric car last year so free fuel too. All the best with it legend