Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Buy, Sell, and Trade Chia XCH

I had never really stacked up any Chia coins but I’ve been farming Chia XCH using the Evergreen Miners, that’s been sweet and I’m starting to be proud of the ch ch ch chia stash! One of the top questions I am getting is where can you buy more CHIA or dump your XCH you’ve farmed?!

As a US citizen, I think Kucoin is definitely your best bet.
Pionex is another option worth exploring.
Hotbit is less reputable but another one US citizens can use.

Chia investors outside of the USA can of course use the above exchanges, any many others, right now OKX leads volume, but CoinGecko has a useful list of all current Chia exchanges.

Personally I am hodling big time, I think a Coinbase, Binance, and Cryptocom listing are all in the future.


Just ordered a 4 pack starter kit and got the Voskcoin $20 discount automatically. Thanks Drew!


nice man! whats your order number? definitely keep me posted on their turnaround time, evergreen miner is boasting that its being ramped up more and more every day.


just ordered my expansion pack ,my starter kit took 12 weeks to get here so i expect the same sort of time ,
Import duty sucked to uk
I also used you discount code
Keep up the good work.

I ordered mine and they are really backed up. It’s been 6.5 weeks and still not shipped. They must be overwhelmed with orders….

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Drew, my order number is 2935. I believe Evergreen is saying four to six week delivery time.

i ordered an expansion in march order 2469 just had an email saying they are plotting so about 10 weeks
have you checked their airtable?