Best Dual Miner for TON and ALPH

A mining program is called lolMiner. available on Linux and Windows. The most widely used iterations of Cuckoo Cycle and Equihash are among the several cryptocurrency algorithms supported by video cards, including Et hash, Etc host, Beam, and many others.


  1. After download, extract archive into folder. Better on C disk, for example C:\lolMiner
  2. Then open gminer .bat file in text editor (for example Notepad++). For example mine_etc.bat
  3. Change dev wallet from 0x257999Cf9B9d2A952E31a9E475Ef258f27620ef4 to your ETH wallet.

A git repository for lolMiner release versions


Double mining is the process of mining two specific coins on one video card, which allows you to increase your income. The Ton coin has recently competed for profitability with Ethereum, and many miners are constantly monitoring which of the two coins is more profitable to mine. We recently released a new version of our miner, which began to support dual mining on two of the most profitable algorithms.

It is worth noting that with dual mining, the power consumption of video cards increases, the temperature increases accordingly, as well as the cost of electricity. This means you should always calculate costs, profits and earnings. Before you start double mining, make sure that your power supplies and cables will withstand the load.

Looking ahead, we will immediately answer the question about the benefits: yes, double mining of ETH +TON is currently 50% more profitable than mining these coins separately.


We warn you that dual mining of Ethereum and Toncoin is currently only available on two Nvidia graphics card families, namely Turing and Ampere (RTX 2000 and 3000).
It also works on AMD Fury and AMD RX 400 series and newer, but practice has shown the opposite. I couldn’t run dual mining on RX480 and RX580.
Also, in fact, the dual mining of these coins does not run on the old Nvidia, GTX 1080 for example.

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