Best GPU cards today

What are the best GPU cards in the market today than can earn the most $?

I would say NVIDIA 170 HX 164 MH on ETH @ 250 W, please google specifications case I am going by heart. The only problem is that it cost around 4k USD, but it should be most efficient card on the market as far as I know…

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What do I look for in the best card for the money…. New to mining and trying not to waist my $ on my first rig.

I am not GPU mining myself so difficult to give advice (actually I have 4 gaming computers so I am mining in a way :slight_smile: ) but I do not have a specific rig. I think the best way to start is to do a calculation with consideration of investment (price of cards you want to buy) + energy consumption and MH/s those cards will be generation what will define your income. What you want to achieve is to buy HW which will be reasonably priced with as high as possible Hashrate and as low as possible energy consumption. I think the best way is to calculate ROI = return of investment cause it is considering all elements including price of HW. With this calculation you will know how many days it has to work just to pay itself and after it is paid you have profit. 1. Check how much you get paid for MH/s per day to estimate income (this is changing with network difficulty over the time) 2. calculate how much power your card/rig will consume with your electricity rate. 3. Now yo can calculate gross / net profit per day. 4. Consider HW price to calculate ROI for selected options. From above you should have good idea. You can always use some online tools like this to understand cards ranking. BTW since you speak about GPU please do a research what you plan to mine cause Ethereum should move to Proof of Stake and it will not be mineable afterwards so you would need to switch to different coin… I hope it helps and I am sure there are many better experts than myslef to help you out.

I just bought this from best buy last week.

I’m mining BTC with it, and roughly making $8.50 a day with it. It’s putting out 68 mH/s with my afterburner tune.

Not amazing, but it’s a start.

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