Best GPU For Home Mining

@bick0012 Thanks I appreciate it. I’m keen to play with these but was wary because they are relatively expensive and didn’t want to brick them. Stay safe out there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There was an interesting video i watched a few days back about avoiding taxes on profits. It involved taking loans out on your currency. When you take a loan out on your coins, usually half, you still own you coins and if they go up, you can keep taking out up to half their value. if they drop by more than 60% then they are sold to pay off your loan.

The kicker is this. lets say you invested 10,000 and the value runs up to 100,000. You take a loan out for 50,000 and still keep your coins. Which really, if you think about it, isnt a bad deal. You only get taxed on profits AFTER you sell. Taking a loan out isn’t selling them. And if you did it the other way, sell at 100,000 then you would get taxed on 90,000 all at once, which would probably be pretty close to 50%. And you wouldnt have your coins still. I believe the video was something like “what’s your cryptocurrency exit strategy?”

in my country whey try to do if you get extra 40eur per month it free no tax but second also whey try to do no more like 120eur per year after 120eur you need to pay like 10% tax and it will be controlled be banks tracking your transactions fallow name. governments do everything to take money from people to make sure you dont have even 1eur more of what you working legal work. you work all moth for let say 200eur is means fallow government you not allowed earn more be your contract. whey dont fucking even thing his 200 is nothing, pay bills, food and other and all month you again stay without money

in my girlfriend country is different whey start take tax from next month also be a bank, need to register in banks your cripto card and from etch 100eur transaction whey take 1% for tax plus fees of transaction it will be like 5-10eur from 100 im say it not bad with his

Send this mode to me, please. I have 2x MSI Armor RX 570 8GB and at Windows gets only 29MH/s, and in Simplemining gets 30,5MH/s. I want to get the 31,5MH/s as my Sapphire 580

I just finished setting up my 6x 5700XT Evoke OC Rig last Friday. As of this morning the rig has been running for 3 consecutive days. The combined 6 cards are running just shy of 600 watts, I believe it was 94 watts a card but I’m currently at work. I’m using phoenix miner and with Bick’s help, I’ve achieved complete stability on the rig and each card is hashing at 51.6 MH with no bios mod. I’m not really 100% sure of how to do that and I’m thrilled with my current results. I picked up my cards during a flash sale and got each of them for 339$ USD. Alas newegg wouldn’t allow me to buy more than 6 ugh!

I personally believe the 5700xt’s are a great card. However on altcoins other than Eth, nvidia cards are great. I had great luck with the 1660ti’s and ravencoin! Do not make the same mistake I did and pick up regular 2060 KO’s though. You can’t lower their power consumption below 73%. Even on eth my 1660ti’s were outperforming them . The 1660’s are currently set to 60% power and overclocked by 600mhz and achieving 29 MH on eth at 78 watts. I could probably push them harder but I didn’t see the point. The 2060’s at 73% power and 600mhz overclock were achieving 30.4 MH at 121 watts.

Just my 2 cents.


You are doing great, watching hashrate and power. I also keep my 1660TI’s around 60% power and get 27 Mh/s. My 2070 gets 38 Mh/s at 110 watts. It is what it is. 345 Kh/W not bad.

Your 2070 is almost outhashing my 2080 super lol. Its at 39.6 MH but using 147 watts.

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Wow, I didn’t know that, and those are accurate figures. Now, if only my pool won more blocks and had fewer workers…LOL

P.S. Both Claymore 15.0 and GMiner 2.21 produce nearly identical results

Using NBMiner on my 2080 super.

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