Best GPU For Home Mining

Since this often comes up as a question around here in one form or another, I figured I’d try to make a thread to discuss people’s opinions on this: What is the best GPU to get for home mining?

To qualify this a bit, presuming that you are paying a decent amount for electric ($.10+) and have standard home wiring (very limited 220 capacity). Noise should also be a consideration.

What do people think? Radeon VII’s, ignoring the cost? Radeon 5700’s for the price to comparative profitability? Or, do 1660 Ti cards merit some consideration due to their relatively low power consumption and only needing one power cable? Or, something else?


Great question - and before I answer I’d just like to say that what I write here is the result of my own experiences, limited as they may be. I’m not suggesting that anyone else should change what they are doing or that this is the best possible solution. I’m putting this information out there for others to look at and decide what it is that they might want to do - so I’d appreciate not being attacked for doing so.

I’d also like to say that in my numbers below, I have assumed that the rig (mobo, cpu, SSD, etc) in which these cards are going to operate will consume a consistent amount of power when running, regardless of the cards you are using - therefore I will ignore the “power at the wall” numbers and just use the power consumption of the different GPUs in order to compare them.

Right - I’d probably put together a home mining rig based on the cheapest RX570 8Gb card that I could get. Each one of these will mine the Ethash algos at about 31mH/s and use about 85W per card doing so (I have uploaded pics of my rigs achieving exactly this). That is an efficiency of 0.36mH/W.

I also have a rig that runs 6 x RX5700 (non-XT) GPUs and these are achieving 52mH/s and using 75W (pics also uploaded on other threads). This is an efficiency level of 0.69mH/W.

Efficiency is a simple way to compare the likely return for cards with different hash rates and power consumptions. It shows how much hashing power your rig submits to the pool for each Watt of energy that you expend. In simple terms, the more hashes the more money you will make per unit of energy.

On the surface, the 5700 has almost twice the hashing power per Watt so would seem to be a better option - but there is always a catch. Where I come from, they are very popular and therefore cost more than twice as much to buy one. The cheapest 5700 that I can find delivered to my place is about $464USD. The cheapest 570 that I can get delivered will cost me just $168USD. You could substitute your local prices in the calculations below to see if it holds up in your area.

So when I compare the efficiencies of the 2 cards having allowed for the cost I get the following:

RX5700 - for every dollar I spend I will get 1,487H/W (690,000H/W / $464)

RX570 - for every dollar I spend I will get 2,143H/W (360,000H/W / $168)

This could be explained another way by asking “what efficiency do I get for each $464 I spend”. The RX5700 is of course 0.69mH/W as shown above. For $464, I can buy 2.76 RX570s so simple maths tells me that the efficiency I will achieve from this purchase is 0.99mH/W.

So on an Efficiency per Dollar comparison, the RX570 gives me a better outcome. In fact by this measure, it is 43.5% better value for money.

In addition, the RX5700 requires an 8pin and a 6pin PCI-E connector into each card while the RX570 only requires one 8pin connector, leaving the other 6pin PCI-E connector free to power your PCI-E Risers. Powering the Risers on a 5700 rig can either require you to use (what I have found to be) the less safe/reliable SATA or Molex connectors if you don’t have any more PCI-E connectors, or spend more on your PSU to make sure you have enough connectors.

Now for the caveats.

I only use AMD and I only mine Ethash with them because (in my experience) I have never seen any algo that comes close to the profitability of Ethash and I have never seen any Nvidia cards that come close to AMD for mining Ethash (this can be seen from the website as well). I have a Nvidia 2080 Super (water cooled) and it doesn’t even hash as fast as my 570s while costing about 7 times as much to buy and using twice the power. Admittedly, I haven’t spent any time trying to tweak it and I might get better results if I did, but really what’s the point, it’s never going to improve enough to threaten the 570s on a value for money measure.

My 570s have been BIOS modded to RX580 BIOS (a job that takes less than 5 minutes per card) so they probably get a couple of mH/S more than one straight out of the box. If anyone is interested, I could write you a guide to the modding that would be shorter than this post!!!

Finally, I’ve never had any experience with Radeon VII cards - they are way too expensive here where I come from so I’d be interested to see numbers from anyone who is using them.

What else is out there that we should look at? I’m about ready to build another rig and open to considering options if the numbers stack up.


I can add my 2-cents for the Radeon VII. Of course i got mine for $640 each with taxes. I get around 91 Mhs for 205W. Where these cards are not very loud, they are HOT!!! i have a house fan blowing on them 24/7 and they clock in at 80degrees at the junction. i am sure, when im bored with playing with my other rigs i can get those numbers down a bit.

I got lucky with my 3 cards at those prices. personally, i will probably sell them and buy 6 5700s. I have the extra PSU so, that is the only reason i dont go with the 570.


Hot Bargain :rofl:

Update us if you get to playing with the settings. I’d be keen to see how low you can get that power draw without effecting hash rate.

I just want to put up some comments regarding my mention of in my previous post.

Always be cautious about looking at these sort of sites such as -

While they are a good starting point, always try to find out what the real world numbers might be. For example, that table lists the Radeon VII as achieving 78mH/s at 230W. But as @PTCrusader has indicated, he is getting 91mH/s at 205W - a much better efficiency rate. The RX570 is listed as 27.9mH/s for 120W but I’m actually getting 31mH/s for 85W.

One trick I find useful if you want to use tables such as these, is work out your ROI from the estimated daily profit. For example, the Radeon VII if purchased for $750 and at a profit of $1.60 per day, would have paid for itself after 468 days. The 2080Ti at $1,650 making $1.47 per day, takes 1,122 days to pay for itself. The RX570 at $168 and making $0.48 takes 350 days to pay for itself - and you can buy 10 of them for the price of one 2080Ti.

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I still like 5700s. A bios modded 5700 currently has a 300 day ROI even if you have to pay $380. There are plenty of new ones out there for that price or a little less (at least in the US). I haven’t bought a new one in a while. I have been picking them up used on ebay and Craigslist for the last several months in the $225-$300 range. Even used ones are getting to the $320-$350 range now though which has me considering 570s/580s because I have plenty of power. That is the only downside of those in a residential setting.

5600 XTs are decent now that the price of 5700s is high and could get a 10% boost if somebody ever figures out how to get a modded bios to work.

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new update for rx580 why mining eth directly, 6xr580 mining 3.54usd in 16h 0.013eth every 16h

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5700 mutch better of 570. 5700 shut right now mining double of rx570,580 shut be in around 9-10h 0.013eth

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i know 5700 have high profit mining on rvn coin as h double of 570,580 so it great in future after eth shut down. definitely if will be possible to buy in my country 5700 i will buy it and run rvn but his cards are 3x price more of rx580

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@bick0012 Yeah I loved them too when I bought 6 of them for AU$429 each (about US$310). At the time the 570s were about US$210 so it made sense to buy the 5700s. It just doesn’t stack up on a value for money measure here at the moment - I reckon it will swing back though when demand for 5700s drops off a bit. Maybe Nvidia will bring out a reasonably priced card one day and miners will start buying them instead of 5700s.

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That’s also a valid point. how quickly you can pay off your rig and get to straight profits is the best overall way to go. However, i would also caution most people not to go overboard right off the bat. Keep in mind that Ethereum mining will go away sometime in the not too distant future, which will affect profitability. I will probably sell off most of my stuff as we get closer to the end of ETH mining. Coins that seem to have great GPU profits now, may not be so once everyone transitions away from the main coin. i can see myself sitting on a solo rig of 580s or 5700s just to stay active.

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I’ve just done some analysis (never thought to do this before) on my 9 GPU rig which is running 3 x RX570 and 6 x RX5700. One qualification - it is mining using Phoenix which is more profitable for the 5700s and less profitable for the 570s than Claymores so it’s a tiny bit skewed in favour of the 5700s.

What it shows is that over the last 24 hours (all figures in USD), it has made a profit (through Nicehash) of $11.51 using a power draw of 910W. My power is about 19c/kWh (currently in a rental but moving to my new home in 4 weeks with 13.2kW of Solar) so power cost is 0.91kW x 24hours x 0.19c = $4.15 for a net profit of $7.36 per day.

Of this, the 570s contribute 22.28% of the hashing rate so are making $1.63 of the net profit. They also use a tiny bit more power but I’m going to ignore that in order to compensate for the less optimal algorithm they are using. The 5700s are making a net profit of $5.73 per day.

So 3 x RX570 cost me $504 (3 x $168) and will take 309 days to pay for themselves. The 6 x RX5700 cost me $2,574 (6 x $429) and will pay for themselves in 449 days.

This is a real world example of what is more profitable when you account for all the variables involved in mining - achieved hash rate, power consumption, GPU cost and power cost. Just because something hashes faster, is not an indication that it is better (or will make you more money) particularly if it’s using more power than the value of what it is mining.

@bick0012 I’m going to have to get you to tell me a little about modding the 5700. It seems way more complicated (and therefore risky) than modding the 570 but I could be wrong and I’m obviously missing out on some potential hash rate increase not doing it.

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dont forget after eth move out your all gpu profit droping be half of profit, let say for example 570 mining 1usd profit 5700 5usd after eth shut down profit drop be half as other coins dont have high value will be on rvn it almost same profit as eth but second thing use more power so profit will be less any way, second coin is etc but thing what’s heppen when let say 50% miners move from eth to etc,rvn and other coins will be increased difficult and ptofit down be half. right now before buy any gpu need to considering what you mine let say example tomorrow eth shut down. allmost all miners will go in minus of electrical cost, 6ou need not only watch how much cost gpu 100 or 1000 need to looking and other factors. i forget to say second fact more and more countries try to make pay tax of your yearly income his also will drop your income

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most important thing before eth go away reducing power cost of rig to be sure you still be alble get profit even profit drop be 50% or more. for example im start looking like 6month ago how to reducing power cost, watching alot alternative about free energi lot of calculation lot of project and other stuff. right now i have 48x rx580 1x rig 12xgpu and 2x rig 6x gpu for moment im use just only 1 rig with 6x gpu. second rigs will be on after i found soliution for free energi. for moment all profit going for free power project

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solar panels also it good idea i wish in my are be possible use solar. in my are sun stay aroun 12-13h per day. in my case need alot solar panels and massive capacity of storage to keep run miners 48h or more as in 12h panels not recharge 100% of capacity whan was burned overnight plus if cloudy day will recharge less it mean short time for mining or mining on on night and day keep miners off to recharge batterys

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@Asiukas6 I agree. If anyone is thinking about putting any serious amounts of money into GPU mining right now (and if you are you’re probably looking to mine Eth) then you have to make sure you are going to make your capital costs back before the ability to mine Eth disappears when, as you say, GPU mining will take a big drop in profitability.

Part of the problem though is making an informed guess on when it is likely to happen. If you listen to the Eth2 spruikers, they will tell you it’s all on track and will happen very soon. The reality is that things keep getting delayed as development problems arise and prove to be much harder to solve than expected. Phase 1 was meant to launch in May (iirc) but has been delayed I think now until late this year.

I still think we might have 18-24 months before we get to the Eth2 phase (Phase 3 I think) where Eth1 disappears. So if you do your sums correctly, you should be able to work out whether there is value in any particular GPU for your circumstances.

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everything depend how fast whey solved all bugs and other stuff after 4 aug, like vitalik say not rushing launch eth 2.0 till not be solved it shut probably take another 1 or 2 years. so i think enough time for miner solved also problems for future profit

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what plans you have for keep profit

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I am picking up a 5700 later today for $250 from somebody on Craigslist so I will make a step by step guide for bios modding them this weekend assuming I survive the pickup :slight_smile: . It really isn’t any riskier than modding a 570. I have modded all of mine at least three times before deciding on the right settings and have had no issues with the process so far.


@Asiukas6 Haven’t really decided yet! At the moment I am keeping my mined coins in a wallet split about 50/50 BTC and ETH. The main issue I have right now is one you raised a few posts back - the Government has decided to take a close interest in Crypto and so I’m doing everything I can to avoid any Capital Gain Events so that the small profits I am making do not get eaten up in taxes that mostly go to people too lazy to work.

That said, I like Ethereum for longer term capital growth (without the need to try to pick a winner from among the 2000 shitcoins going around) so I’m happy to just hodl for now.