Best GPU to buy

Which would be the best you to buy the RX570 , RX580 or the RX590 ?

Out of those three choices, I’d get the 570 unless you can get a 590 for cheaper than a 580. My reasoning is that you can mod a 570 to achieve 580 hash rates in about 3 minutes and for nil cost.

All three cards have 8GB of GDDR5 ram with a 256 bit memory bus. This is the critical part of the GPU for achieving maximum hash rates in Eth algorithms, which the AMD cards are better at than anything else I’ve seen. Once modded, the 570 will sit pretty stable on a memory speed of 2100mHz and let you wind back the core clock and voltage to keep the power down. You can hash comfortably at around 31mH/s and power consumption of just 87w on Phoenix Miner.

I don’t have any experience with the 590s so someone else might be able to provide some figures on what they can achieve.

There is some analysis of a few RX card on this thread AMD RX 5600 and 5500 models so it might be worth considering other cards besides these Polaris boards.

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:+1: thanks looks like the RX570 then