Best legit place to buy an IceRiver KS1 or KS2?

I’m looking to buy an IceRiver KS1 or KS2… Can anyone point me in the direction of a legitimate vendor here in the USA that offers them for sale?

Edit to add: I’d prefer to pay for it with a credit card if at all possible.

thanks in advance!

bt miners lets you pay with a credit card i beleive. to get the best deal you’re gonnna want to pay in crypto for the most part though.

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Okay, I’d be willing to pay with crypto so long as the miner vendor is legit…

What are some legit vendors who accept crypto for an IceRiver KS2 ?

Personally I have bought from ZeusBTC and Apexto with no issues and a lot of people here have bought from Badger and would vouch for him, just remember your local import duty fees if you’re in the US and buy from Asian based companies like Apexto or Zeus, where as if you’re in the US and buy from a US shop like badger there probably won’t be any import duty fees

What’s badger’s website?
(nevermind, I found it)

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i do, just swamped with the new company. but happy to help out for a small commission to take the wife out to dinner.

I have bought several miners from Apexto and never had a problem.

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I just got a KS0-Pro from Nhash - they were the cheapest for me and I’ve used them previously.

UPDATE: I contacted badgerland crypto and ordered one today! Definitely looking forward to getting it in and mining with it :slight_smile:

For anyone else wanting an IceRiver miner, Contact Justin at badgerland Crypto, he’ll help you out.


and if you just want to talk crypto…contact justin on - @badgerlandcrypto (same as here)…hel’ll probably do that too.


I’d suggest ASIC Marketplace, I got my KS3M from them, they’ve been good to work with and have become a big supporter of the channel

You can also save some coin, with code voskcoin

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I wonder who would be better to chat with? Maybe we should get together and debate. What do you think?

I am biased but Justin @badgerlandcrypto is a good guy! lol