Best minidoge pool

Just purchased a new mini-doge and was wondering what pollo you recommend.


I prefer Litecoinpool. But it pays out what you would get in Doge in LTC instead. So if you want the doge you’ll have to then convert some LTC. I’ve also had good luck with F2Pool and Dxpool. They both pay out in LTC + Doge

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IMO no best pool, even if they have lower fees. it is the pool that give you the lowest rejection rates. Give them all a try, 1 to 2 days.

Dxpool works well for lots. But I had like over 8% rejection rates.

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Don’t really care about the doge. I just want the $$, so if this para better, this is it


Where is the best place to try to find a retail priced mini doge miner? Sorry for the question, but I’m a noob.

goldshell site or @Master3004, i think his new list was 825. which is pretty close to retail. I think we got few other resellers on the site. But I usually don’t see their prices.

Dxpool had a Goldshell drop today and is a reseller. Right now they have 68 in stock for $799. Else Master3004 is a great second source.

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