Best mining reseller?

Hi everyone! I’m looking forward to buying my first ASIC very soon, but I’m very nervous about choosing between a reseller. I’ve seen good things on here about BT Miners and MillionMiners but I’m still a bit nervous making a selection. Any advice or reviews for a good reseller? Thanks!

Aptexo kaboomracks akminer are all legit and way more reasonable priced over the other two u mentioned

I’ve seen AKMiner, i’ll look into them all though. Thank you ser!

Hey to help u out by not going to the scam one here are the real sites Telegram: Contact @kaboomracks Telegram: Contact @akminerrack. Telegram: Contact @apextoasics

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I’m happy to help if you’re interested.

Martin Is my go to guy in the reseller business….
I’m USA based and so is Martin.

Deff not recommended sorry

Hey Teksuhs,

I was recently in the same boat. I just got into ASIC mining and I quickly found out that finding legit companies is tough. My first purchase was on eBay and was a scam and luckily I paid through PayPal so they reimbursed me.

Anyways, there is a seller on the forums here with username “badgerlandcrypto,” who sells ASIC miners to people directly. I bought two Goldshell KD-Box Pros from him. He should be shipping them out tomorrow to me and he has already proved via pics he received them from Hong Kong. Once I get them and get them up and running I am going to write a full review on here about my experience with him. The main reason is bc I think we need more people like him, helping make it easier for the community to get into mining, and not having to worry about being scammed.

I also bought an ASIC directly from Goldshell and it arrived recently and I will say that (assuming every goes well these next few days with my order from “baderlandcrypto”) it was a much greater pain in the ass buying from Goldshell. From dealing with DHL and paying an unexpectedly high additional $500+ import fee on my $1700 miner, to their whole check out process in general, I honeslty see myself using private sellers in the future in order to bypas these headaches. So, hopefully we as a community can start a thread where we independently vouch for sellers in order for the community to gain their trust!!!

Anyways, gl getting into ASIC mining, its not only a lot of fun, but this bear market is really allowing for some great entry points on cheap miners!!


Thank you mds! I’m glad you’ve had a good experience so far. Your miners will arrive this weekend!

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yea this guy? real class

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It is easier to buy from Goldshell and ipollo direct. You can declare what you want with Goldshell. Why use a reseller and pay more in this market.

Is it safe to declare a lower value? i declared the actual value of $1700 spent on my Goldshell CK-Light and got slapped with a ~$500 import fee. I had neve imported one and wanted to be safe, but man it was surprsingly high!!

you should consider the declare value fee.
if not the special forwader, maybe you should pay more for that

If you declare a lesser value the item can still be held and inspected and a value determined by the carrier for the import fee but declaring a lesser value means lower fees. I would prefer to deal with local resellers so as to avoid any import fees and we just buy direct from someone more local. Supply is also an issue which enables some of the higher pricing that is done.

Direct from manufacturer is better as if you need warranty service the miner is in your account. It is better to buy direct. Just my opinion. I have bought direct and from resellers and have always had a better experience direct. You should factor in duties in your purchase. If a US or duty free reseller it may be worth it but many resellers are located in China or Hong Kong anyway.

Yes I would say a duty free option and one who is maybe partnered or authorized and capable of facilitating any warranty issues as well. We have this setup is most other industries but mining is still the wild west so it will take one of us to really push to make something like that happen.