Best mining tools for etherium

Hi community,

Yesterday I’ve started mining on 2 rigs (each has 6 gigabyte gtx 1070) on ethermine pool.

As I have set it up with some other people (I am complete newbie so I am still learning), they have configured mining tools. I have seen on one of the rig that T-Rex miner is installed.
As I see, there are 4 major miners for ethermine pool and etherium. I have also seen that they have also released new releases couple of days ago.

Which one would you recommend based on experiences? Would you upgrade frequently miners on rigs?

So far (running around 14 hours or so), I could see some stale transactions which brought me back to miners and versions. I could see 2-3 stale hashes on 220 hashes which does not sound good. I have also experienced 2 downs of rigs where I needed to restart.

Bumpy start all in all :).

Any experiences, suggestions are welcome.


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Any thoughts, suggestions guys? Thanks

I like and; I also keep up for reference.

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Try dialing back your GPU power to 115 if you are getting rejected shares
Increase fan speed to reduce heat 40-66%

My settings

Core mhz 210
MWM MHZ 1200
GPU 120

Rejected shares can be heat related