Best PDU and PSU for 3-4 Goldshell Box Miners

Title says it all. I am looking for the best PSU and PDU for 3-4 Goldshell Box Miners.

I am looking at the Bitmain Antmier APW7 1800W for th Power Supply.

I am open to suggestion that you are all using for the PDU, preferably something with surge protection. Apparently the Tripp Lites don’t fit the bill



Do you really need a PDU for 1 apw7?
Edit: I see you mentioned surge protection so perhaps that is why.

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I have a corsair RMX750 and a Bitmain APW7. I love the corsair one - super quite, don’t know why I didn’t go for the 1300Watts or two of the RMX750. I have 3 boxes connected ( one of them being a 60W box) they are very quite and efficient even . I only have connected one KD box to the bitmain but it’s fan seems to be running continuously with the whoossh sound all around. I will go for Corsair anyday after my observation if its for box miners.


Yes. I am looking for surge protection.

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For 3 Goldshell Box miners I’m using an EVGA 850 power supply plugged into an APC surge power strip I already had.


Silly question but there are so many options for an EVGA 850w PSU. Do any of them work better than others?

Get the gold and above with Fully modular one and also check how many PCIe cables it has. Normally they would give you 2 only but try to check if they have any PSU with 3 cables?


So this would do?

Go for this as it gives you 3 PCIe cables and 3*200 W = 600+W (which might be on the edge for a 850 with 80% rule)

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Perfect thanks. 80% would be 800w so I’d feel comfortable with 3 box miners! Truly appreciate your help

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Did you receive your Miners?

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Not yet. Haven’t even been shipped yet. I will post when I do get them

Have you thought about just using the Goldshell power supply? It’s quiet and is built to run up to 4 Goldshell boxes.

They are currently out of stock at both Goldshell and Dxpool. But when they do come back in stock, I would recommend to order from Dxpool because they ship faster. But these are awesome power supplies. Both quiet and efficient, plus they are built specifically for Goldshell boxes.


Goldshell 1200w power supply is the way to go. You can power upto 4 goldshell boxes. I have many in stock. This retails for $199 at but currently unavailable. I will sell it to you for $300 (shipping included). Let me know if you want to move forward.

I bought goldshell power supply off eBay… it runs four of my miners… it was about $200.

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Waiting on mine as well from same vendor…

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Nah I got an EVGA for $125

Want to give me the vendor info? $200 is a good price.


I know this is an old thread. But, I have a Corsair RM850x. Can I power three Goldshell box miners with that safely?

Additional question - I have one of the basic power supplies that can come with the Goldshell box miners, but its power cord does not plug into US outlets; what do I have to buy to convert the power supply so it can plug into a standard US outlet?

Thank you for any possible help anyone can provide.

I just ordered one off Amazon… Gonna move 2 of them to another circuit. Mini doge, KDA BOX II and a KDA box pro.