Best place to buy a mini Doge Miner

Hello everyone I’m totally new to mining and I want to purchase my first mini Doge Miner but have a couple questions I’m sure they’ve been answered numerous times. Is eBay the best place to purchase a mini Doge Miner with PayPal or is there somewhere else that you all would recommend. Also how quickly could I expect my return? Or is there another minor that is currently more profitable but budget friendly? Thank you for any advice or knowledge keep up the great work voskcoin love your videos

Check out, that will show average profits per day, wattage used, and break even time. Be careful of ebay and sites like that because the prices are so high it will double your break even time. Remember value can go up or down, so your return time could be shortened or extended. is the manufacturer website for the minidoge and they normally have the best prices when you can find them in stock. Do some searches on here and will see other peoples recommendations as well.

Thanks this helps a lot :blush: