Best place to buy ASIC miners

I’m not new to mining former GPU miner. I’m looking to take the plunge into asic mining and would like to get some feedback on the best place to buy from I’m located in the USA just don’t want to get ripped off. Thanks any input is much appreciated

Well your in luck antminer just stop shipping to China and only ship to other countries. So I check them out.

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What’d their correct website address? Do you have a list of vendors sites that you would trust?

there is a scam page somewhere round here.

WAIT! Please do your research, it’s very very risky out there, I didn’t mean to sound so cavalier about this subject.
Look at “scam alerts” and many other resources, take your time due diligence. Good Luck.

Can you please share what sites you’ve used that you know is legit?