Best Place To Buy Mining Rigs? REVIEW THREAD!

Where to safely buy crypto mining rigs for the best deal

Buying a cryptocurrency mining rig is not as simple as it should be, many of the manufacturers instantly sell out so a lot of miners buy from mining rig resellers – but which ones are safe? Which miner sells are scammers?!

This thread isn’t just about me, and my experience buying mining rigs, it is a cumulative thread where I am seeking everyone’s input GOOD OR BAD! Where they bought, and how that experience was. This is a public forum, for the public good of genuine and transparent reviews about your experience buying mining rigs. We will compile a list of miner manufacturer websites, miner reseller sites, and scam sites to stay away from.

Want to save some money on the next crypto miner you buy? I’ll post any known coupon codes by their links!

Reminder – this is a BIG thread, that is only growing. Use Ctrl+F to quickly find what you want!

Sellers I have personally used with great success

Evergreen sells plug and play CHIA HDD Mining Rigs
Evergreen miner coupon code saves $20 - VOSKCOIN
Coin Mining Central is an ASIC miner reseller we’ve worked with for years
Coin Mining Central coupon code VOSKCOIN100 saves over $100

Mining Rig Sellers with a good reputation

Mining Rig Manufacturers

Canaan Avalonminer ASIC manufacturer official website
Bitmain Antminer ASIC manufacturer official website
Goldshell ASIC miner manufacturer official website
FutureBit ASIC miner manufacturer official website
Innosilicon ASIC miner manufacturer official website
iPollo ASIC miner manufacturer official website

Known Mining Rig Scammers

VoskCoin does not offer cloud mining, never has, and never will. voskcoins is a scam.

Proof and Data for Miner Buying Reviews

Please provide screenshots proving your order, a picture of your miner, and the date when you ordered, and then received your mining rig(s)


Just to be very clear this thread is still under construction, it will take me several days to finish up the first iteration of it but wanted to start collecting community experiences asap :smiley:

Dayum, i never bought a miner but our members always recommend @badgerlandcrypto


I’ve purchased from Goldshell and bobcat also had some bitmain Asic’s repaired by Simple mining in the states they took care of me aren’t scammers helped me out a lot.

Are you talking about Antminer Repair Center - because my first thought is smos the simple miner GPU mining software lol

I have bought from @cryptominernv before. Great experience and quick delivery.

This was from August…. It was new in manufacturer’s packaging but I am not sure if I took a pic of that or not.

Ordered Aug 17th delivered on the 22nd.

I have bought many ASIC’s from, one of the best resellers in Europe in my opinion.

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Just added this to the OP

Proof and Data for Miner Buying Reviews

Please provide screenshots proving your order, a picture of your miner, and the date when you ordered, and then received your mining rig(s)

basically if possible please provide more data and proof, adds validity and thus weight to your input – also helps us fight spammers/bullshitters trying to fluff reviews for companies etc

Same as above @Curtis @CMykyte

I’ve purchased from a few places, including individuals on the Vosk Discord and have had both good and bad experiences with both.

First ASIC came from NHASH. Overall, good communication and support but they’re really slow and, frankly, quite expensive. I would not recommend them. I’ve been waiting over a month for my Mini-DOGE Pro and it’s to the point now where it’s probably not even worth it and I want to cancel the order.

Second ASIC was an X5 from Coastal Crypto. Only complaint with them is that they mark inventory as “In Stock” but they don’t actually have it on hand, they have to source it from “overseas” and that has, so far, taken about a month. No complaints on price or service, however.

Third batch of ASICs was supposed to come from a Discord user but they ended up scamming me and I am now out a little over $500. Lesson learned there, USE ESCROW AND ONLY USE DREAM ESCROW!!!

Fourth batch is expected to show up today, I have four LB-BOX miners coming in from another Discord user. Questionable experience there as the user was banned from the Vosk Discord shortly after my dealing with them amidst allegations of scamming another user. So far, I’ve no reason to believe I’ve been scammed since there is an actual package in the mail but I will know in a few hours. This also could have been mitigated by the use of Dream Escrow. USE ESCROW WHEN BUYING ON DISCORD!

I ended up canceling my order with NHASH. I would caution users who want to purchase from them. They are legitimate, you will not get scammed, but they operate a bit unprofessionally. You will need to contact them over Telegram, their email support is spotty at best. They also list items as “In Stock” on their website that are actually out of stock and then try to convince you to wait for the resupply. This was what ultimately lead me to cancel my order.

Great communication, great customer service, good prices. I received my Goldshell X5 from them. There were some delays but customer support was very communicative and I never wondered where my order was.

I have clients that have used @badgerlandcrypto
He is currently sending his personal miners for me to host.

Purchased my L7 thru Print Crypto. Gavin Jasper was awesome (sales manager). I ordered it when it was supposed to be out but still a pre-order. There were people on this forum that ordered theirs months earlier and received theirs a month or two later. Their updates on release and shipping came out days or weeks before any updates from resellers on here. Purchase price was about $200.00 more than resellers on here. (Actually had one reseller on this forum refuse to sell me one) 5 stars for Print Crypto!
My L7, among many others I am told, had high hw errors. Eventually one hashboard quit completely. Great Voyage out of New Hampshire was the closest at the time for warranty shops. I have mixed feelings on them. They had my miner more than I did for four months. I would ship it to them (expensive), they would repair and ship it back. This would take about a month. I would hook it up, and anywhere from 12 hours to a couple of days later the same hashboard not working. After 4 months and 4 trips(they provided shipping on a couple), they replaced the L7. Replacement was obviously well used, but at least it worked. Great Voyage also does buisness as Offline Repair, or something like that-same address.
Orion and Taurus is Print Crypto’s recommendation for repair (not warranty). I have only talked with them, they seem knowledgeable, professional, and seem to have great customer service. I will try them if the need arises next time.

I would not recommend Nebra I have several orders, none of which has come yet - here is evidence of my earliest one, made 3 April 2021.

Also not recommending Syncrobit, ordered 9 June 2021 - still waiting:

Bought 5 Goldshell X5 miners from Dxpool, 1 L7 directly from Bitmain and a Bluestar L1 from Apexto. All Goldshells came within 3-4 weeks of payment and bought on 3 seperate occasions. L7 was also 3-4 weeks and Apexto was 6 days from sending payment to receiving the L1. I am in Australia and it came from Hong Kong so pretty fast shipping. (1 :heart: = 1 RIP for the price of the X5 miners lol)

Apexto was done over WhatsApp so no official receipt except for the picture of tracking and box but it has my name and address all over it so that screenshot is best I can do

Remember the synchrobit fiasco crap company they still owe me 2 units of Voskcoin units and past the card dispute period but that’s not on Drew. Bitmain and Goldshell have been good to me to date also have had some good suppliers on EBay US, also direct resellers in China.

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