Best place to purchase my first L3++? Who else is ordering their BOBCAT miner 300?

I am looking to adding to my DOGE mini miner, Where is a great reliable and safe source to buy an L3++?
I am also getting ready to order my BOBCAT miner 300 and wanted to know if anyone else has made to leap lately? Is the delivery sooner than the estimated 3 - 5 months? Should I buy a stronger antenna or stick with the one they send? I live in a larger city in Oklahoma.

Look up what the different dbi’s mean for frequency patterns, higher dbi doesn’t equate to better. I ordered a few RAK miners but they won’t be here until December. I’m not too worried about them tho, a $450 miner making almost $20 a day is just fine by me.

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I bought Mine last Monday, just playing the waiting game now. 1 week down 11- 19 weeks to go :thinking:

I have been reading about the difference in how the signal is dispersed. I see I should just order it now so the wait is shorter. Pushing it day after day just makes the delay longer.

What miner makes 20 a day

Plenty of helium miners.

I just ordered a Bobcat yesterday 9/29. 12-20 weeks delivery - maybe longer. I’ve been looking at getting an outdoor antenna to be roof mounted - maybe a 5.8 DBi. I know it comes with a 4DBi but it looks like an indoor antenna and not meant to be mounted outdoors. I may order a couple more Bobcats to put up in relatives houses across town.

Base it on where you live. I am going with the original or getting a 5.8.

I have several miners up and running atm. Always get the highest placements possible and I recommend looking up up Nik (Gristle King’s) youtube videos on antennas/placements.

I agree with McBurnso1 a higher dbi isn’t always better. I’ve used 3-6dbi antennas for most of my setups. These are best if you have other hotspots close to you. A 7 or 8dbi is an option if you live way out in the country and want to reach into the city where more hotspots are located. Best of luck!! Oh and I’ve used L-com, Parley Labs and Hntenna antennas and they’re all good picks so far!

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My Bobcat will show up late december/january so i def have stuff to look forward too :slight_smile:

I have punched both “RAK” and “Bobcat” miners, none have showed up yet. The antennas that come with the Bobcat are suppose to be good. The Rak miner people do a lot with antennas, they have all sorts of data on them, a good resource when figuring all this out. I bought three antennas from them for there miners, oh and the antennas have arrived, so keep a look out, as they might not take the antennas back if the miners don’t work out, too much time has run out for the antennas for a refund.
Otherwise just waiting on them to get here, preplanning where I will place them.
I am thinking of attaching one of my Bobcats to the top of my car then just parking it in the city depending on the hexagons and thier density.

Jusat ordered 2 this week

I ordered 10 Bobcats about 2-3 weeks ago. I plan to put 2 or 3 in different locationsd around Fay NC