Best pool and coin for buying nicehash power

Any suggest for most profitable pool and coin for buying hash power at nicehash ?

It changes from time to time. You have to keep a check on the coin price, it’s algorithm changes,etc.

For now, KAWPOW Algorithm Ravencoin ,Beam and Monero can be profitable.

Note that Nicehash is mostly used to hoard large hashrates and try luck in solo mining.
It is a risky business. If you have money to spare go for it ( I lost a considerable amount of money there)

Most of the big money makers on nicehash are using bots to watch the market 24x7. also, there are buyers that pay more than market price because they are solo mining and expect they will find a block before cheaper than buying the coin. … if you target coins that have a -ve 24 hr hash rate you can indeed make money