Best Power Supply

what are the best power supply’s and 6 pin cords I can use to power a ka box pro. I’m not looking to spend a ton of money but I’ve heard about atx and hp server psu. What are the differences and what do you recommend?

Minimum 750W PSU to run the 600W KA Box Pro.
ATX PSUs are quiet, but you need to jumper the power switch pins to make it turn on. If you get one of those with support for 3 PCIe then the cables will come with it.
I use these:

Server PSU’s with breakout boards are also great, but will be louder under load when they get hot. You’ll need cables and Veteran Miner cables are what I would use if I could get them shipped here.
But I can’t so I just get any old 16AWG cable I can find on Ali Express.

Both will power your KA Box just fine. I have no preference and run both on the Goldshells I have.

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