Best Software for AMD 580?

What’s everyone’s recommended software for AMD 580’s?

Does anyone have experience with minerstat?

from what I read in the forums HiveOS with Phoenix Miner is the best for AMD cards that is also what I use

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Thanks for the recommendation MeatyMouse. I’m definitely getting the same impression from other forums.

I have to ask- you reply to quite a few chats, which is greatly appreciated- do you work from home?

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depend with pool you use,windows or linux,with coins you mining, for me was best result on claymore

yes I am a day trader pretty much slash crypto miner…I also just like to help people if i can makes me happy :slight_smile:

You trade crypto or retail stocks?

Do you have your own social media… YouTube, Instagram, etc?

I have just been kinda watching lately before the pandemic I was trading stock options mostly or futures for the 3 main indexs, I always played around with crypto but it was just for fun my income came from stocks. Lately I have just been watching the markets but not participating much. I learned the hard way that if the markets aren’t clear to you then you should wait for a better setup. Right now there is just too much mystery in the markets for me I will wait for things to shake up a bit before i get back into it.

Do you trade particular sectors?

Just curious as I swing trade etf’s.

Where are you out of? US?

yes I am in the US I mostly trade the indexes SPY QQQ IWM GLD AAPL MSFT SLV USO or if I am doing futures I do ES NQ RTY GC

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