Best USA Exchanges

So what are people from USA doing when Coinbase and Binance US don’t have a pair?
Are there other legal and as safe as an exchange can be to grab coins/tokens?

I expect most people just sign up for international exchanges if it’s not on any of the US only ones.

yea as far as I know most just use a VPN and use the exchange with the pair they want

Are those the only 2 USA based ones?

No, but they are two of the bigger ones. Gemini is also fairly large and US based, but there has been a fairly large number of small ones opened. I haven’t kept track of which ones are still around, but a quick internet search for US crypto exchange will get you plenty of lists.

As said above there’s Gemini and crypto com will sell to you in almost every state (49 atm)

I’ve actually been meaning to make a video on this, I check at least a weekly if X exchange will let me trade there — often because of mineable coins that aren’t on mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges

yes I have used crypto com also they have a pretty good referral program also like most crypto platforms

Would you mind posting a review on with your experience to the forum whenever you get some spare time?

I just recently went back to try it out and stake some MCO and i was restricted due my state which is Louisiana I am going to have to make a new account with a VPN. I think I can still transfer crypto to C.C but I cannot buy it form my credit card or bank account.

EDIT: My dad has an older account and he is able to buy crypto and send it to his Binance account without any fees he did stake some MCO im not sure how much though.

I am able to use Kucoin without restriction but I never tried to access leverage or anything on it. I also did not finish filling out my profile I just answered what they made me answer. I am able to trade and deposit and withdraw crypto.