Best use of a Pi 3 B+?

What would be the best use of the Pi 3 B+ that I have? Should I make into a staking node? Should I try to use it as a micro-miner? I’m looking to deploy it in some fashion this weekend; so, I’d appreciate everyone’s thoughts. Thank you.

Making it the staking node (Cardano, NRG, Tezos) would be perfect, if you have enough coins to run a stake

If it is lying idle, just mine Monero will get around 160H/s for 5 V which is great if you electricity cost is around 0.05$/kWh

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Thank you for the reply. As new as I am to all of this, I probably don’t have the needed coin just yet to stake… unless I buy in. So, I’m going to work on figuring out how to set it up to mine Monero. I’m downloading the Raspberry Pi OS Lite as I type this. Then, I’ll figure out how to burn it to the SD card, and install it on my Pi. More when I get this much accomplished.

So, here’s a starting question. Which version of the Pi OS do I want/need? If I do the Lite, then I’ll have to do everything as a command line, yes? Whereas, if I do the version with the desktop - but not all of the other recommended software, then I could just download something like NiceHash or Cudo Miner. Correct?

Or, should I just download it as NOOBS?

Refer this, ask me your doubts