Best value / cheapest machines if power is is free/ most available

Hi, I have built a solar generator and am trying to ascertain the optimum machines, cost/payout ratio. Cheers John

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John, the typical 6 gpu RIG draws between 850-1000 watts.
Say you have 3x 1kw RIGS. 24 hours a day they will draw 72KWH of Energy. Nearly 4 HorsePower.

Solar Panels equivalent to 10KW don’t produce 10KW all day. As the sun travels throughout the day with the power peaking at noon, these panels will produce potentially 7.6 KW of Power at noon, and less power otherwise but only during daylight hours.

Last week I measured the Energy produced by my two 7kw inverters attached to my strings at 73KWH
These use older less efficient solar cells, and today’s cells produce nearly double this. The point is that these solar cells with two 7KW inverters JUST generated enough Energy to power 3 RIGS.

I use efficient RTX-3070 video cards. The answer to your question depends on the size of your solar generator. If 3 RIGS can draw roughly 70KWH/day you need a generator capable of delivering that much Energy. Efficiency is the clue as to whether you should use GPU’s or ASIC’s. I get 500KH/watt with my 3070’s. While ASIC’s have incredible hashrates, they are probably not so energy efficient.

You want a big enough generator and the most efficient method of producing hashrate on a solar farm.