Best Wallet for Kadena?

What is the current gold standard for Kadena wallets (Preferably Cold Storage)? Ledger has been my go to up until now, but unfortunately Ledger does not support Kadena at the moment. What do you guys use for your day to day?

X-wallet is OK. It’s one of the 3 Kadena recommends.

Chainweaver is a pickle to install. Zelcore is OK also. The big difference between Zelcore and X-Wallet is the ability to sign API apps. So basically Zelcore Can log-in to KDA Dex’s and X-Wallet can not.

The main reason I went with x-wallet is because it is a Google Chrome Extension wallet, easy to install and easy to use.

Tradeogre is a decent option also. They run Chainweeaver type wallets so you wont have issues with “on-chain” type bullshit you might run into on Coinbase, Kucoin or Binance. A lot of users report issues (lost funds) if they try to send from exchange to exchange because various exchanges use various on-chains. Tradeogre use’s chain 0-19, the normal/OG on-chain.

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This highlights some issues people have.
If you look at, read the print for each exchanges info.
You will see how Binance keeps KDA on Chain-0 but transfers it out to Chain-2.
Where as Kucoin keeps KDA on chain-0 but transfers out on Chain-1.

Then look at Bittrex and Hotbit , Chain-0 only or Chain0-10 only. That’s the issue. So if you send from Binance or Kucoin to Bitrex your funds are gone. And that is just 1 case example. Various exchanges all have issues with KDA.

Thanks for the advice Kadiyania!

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Zelcore is good

X-Wallet is now available for iPhones and Android Phones as an app for both now.

Binance works for me just fine

I believe keeping your crypto at a reputable exchange is more safe than using a shady wallet that hasn’t been tested.

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I use Zelcore wallet without any issues. It was very buggy through this time last year, and somewhat buggy up until Dec/Jan or so. But I’ve had no problems since and they keep gradually adding functionality and features.

I use Binance and CoinMetro… never any issues sending From DX Pool.