Best wallet for mining Doge and LTC

Hey all,

Just wondering what wallets you use for mining doge and LTC?

For CKB I went with Neuron wallet, but don’t know what to use for others.


Check here for LTC mining pools and stats. I’ve been happy with F2Pool and Litecoinpool.


I’m talking wallets, not pools. I may just go with litecoinpool, but IDK yet

Oh gosh, facepalm. Sorry. Yea mine is just sent to Coinbase for now. I’ll be looking at LTC wallets too soon.

I have my KDA going to Zelcore. It will hold LTC & Doge too so I’ll probably just send it there.

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Coinbase works just fine for me. Cashouts are superfast.

Yea it’s great if you want to transfer. But the recent Dxpool shutting down and flipping from com to net was eye opening. There was like a day I couldn’t get to my HNS and LBC earnings since they are just sitting in Dxpool. If Coinbase was hacked or down then you couldn’t access your coins.
For me - I’ll be moving my coins that I’m HODL’ing into a wallet I have the keys to.

I was thinking maybe the, trust or Exodus wallets.

Wondering if anyone has any insight on these?

Hold, or let others borrow and gain interest that is a very eye balling situation

I have an issue with I created an account and it does not let me cash out. Actually cannot cash in either. No possibility to add bank account at all, no such button. I’ve been waiting almost 20 hours to hear back from their support team. nothing so far.

I used voyager for the interest. But the exchange is meh. I recommend finding a wallet or exchange that will give you interest on your mined coin if possible. Extra $ never hurt.

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For those coins I just use Coinbase. Easy to manage and cash out

Voyager is terrible. Stay away at all costs.

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For exchange it is. If think of it as a wallet and use it just for the interest is not bad.

But again, l still recommend any platform that give you interest on your coins. It adds up.

They have no customer support and never respond. I’ve had issues for weeks and got a single response. Haven’t heard anything since I replied to them.

In order to cash in and out on app you have KYC first. once that’s done you have to set up a fiat wallet and attach it to your bank account.
Fiat Wallet - USD Bank Transfers via ACH Network | Help Center
It is a bit confusing but once you get through it its really easy after that. is good. You can discount future gas with buying BNB and changing settings to use that for fees. When needed, fairly decent support.

If you are hodling you should look at a Ledger or a Trezor hardware wallet. Both support most major coins. Trezor has a nice integration into Exodus as well. Exodus is a nice PC based wallet. If you want a custodial wallet I would look at or blockfi is nice because they pay interest on what you are keeping on their platform.

All of these except for blockfi support Doge, All of them support LTC. Blockfi will pay 4.5% on your LTC you keep with them. Exodus also has an interest system as well as staking support for some of the cryptos they support.

I am new to Blockfi, but have been playing with it to make sure I fully understand what its limitations are. So far the only one I have found is they only do one free withdrawal to your bank account a month.

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KYC verification should be at the top of the list in the settings if you are using the mobile app. The settings should be a gear symbol in the top left corner on the first page you see after logging in.

yeeeessss works now, I do not know, if they completed the initial setup or what, but yes, thank you Chase connected easily app to app in seconds.

I went with Exodus and I’m really happy with it so far