Best way to get air flow up first to 132,000 BTUs and eventually 264,000 BTU equivalent flow rate?

Have a new 200/240 service and would like to max it out, my problem is air flow and heat.

Currently have
5 Bitmain Antminer S21s (200TH)
2 MicroBT WhatsMiner M60s (186TH)
Was going to buy 5 more of one of those two to max my mining shed out at 12 AISCs, each on its own 30Amp circuit.

Right now only 1 is running, had to turn the other 4 X S21s off when it got very hot and one of them had a heat Alert…I mined for only 57 minutes…yes the FOMO is killing me. Too have them and not mine, ouch.

Thanks to this site, I will plan a hot room to push and pull the exhaust into.
Get rid of wood shelves and replace with wire stand (yea a noobie mistake)
Get rid of the A/C Unit and seek a couple of Split(s). (Is two enought?)

The splits is where I need help and suggestions please.
What is the highest flow rate split unit, I can buy so I can determine how many I will need for 12 miners at 11,000 BTUs each (3250 Watts = 11,000 BTUs or so I have read)

This gets me up to the 132,000 BTU number (12 * 11,000). Which would max out the electrical service.

I have sectioned off part of an existing concrete block shed (not ideal I know, but what I must use to generate some revenue so I can upgrade to a better setup)…have the land, just need the money for a new bigger metal shed and gulp (a gravel road, yea saw that VoskCoin video, to get to it)…but I digress.

The shed, see picture below, has 3 concrete walls and one newly built wood wall and door, sectioned off from a bigger shed. The bigger shed has a twirly (don’t know exact name) in the roof that should pull out heat if I push the heat to the larger shed. So figure I could create a “Hot” room inside my 5’ X 10’9" section of shed and duct the exhaust from the miners directly into it. So I could duct straight into the hot room from a wire rack (After I tear down wood shelves, lol) and put exhaust fans in the roof of the hot room to pull the heat to the rest of the shed, which will get that “twirly” spinning and pulling it out.

As you can see by the picture I uploaded, the electric panel is on the wall that would make the most sense to pull the air out, 10’ 9" from the hole in the concrete wall where I will duct in air from the split for the ASICs to suck up and spit out into the hot room.

It means the ASICS would sit 90 degrees perpendicular to the input air flow, not ideal either I know, but at least the air will not be heated.

What is the largest split I can purchase and I assume I can purchase multiples up to the needed 132,000 BTUs of Air Flow…this is where I need the help of you experienced miners…I am not having luck finding splits that push allot of air.

And while I am impressed with Immersion, I do not want to go that route, FYI.

Suggestions, Brand names of Splits, Is my thinking correct that if one puts out 40,000 BTUs worth of air flow (I know not an exact one to one…remember I am learning the hard way), that I could purchase three of them and push 120,000 worth of air flow through my mining shed? What does that mean for Exhaust air flow?

Here is the picture I promised, just a quick rough pencil sketch:

(Will try to put up pictures of this journey for the amusement of experienced miners and the edumacation of newbies like myself.) Hopefully they will not make my mistakes.

Welcome all suggestions and info that will let me get the miners I have, well mining Bitcoin.

I will use the money I have saved to purchase the additional 5 AISCs, but that is all I have unless I sell some Stock to raise more. At least I can do that…I am confident I will make it back as long as politicians catering to Banks to not make laws causing miners like us difficulties.

With 12 of the miners you listed, you will be running the 200amp service at 88% load if all miners are running at normal settings. Heat could cause that to go up.

Some questions.
Where do you leave?
What is your electric rate?
How much do multiple mini splits cost to run every month?
Is your main driver making profit, or having fun home mining?

I live in the US, would prefer not to be more specific than that right now.
I believe my electrical rate is between $0.08 - $0.10, I should be able to be specific and will in the near future.
Because of the number of BTUs (11,000.00+ per ASIC Minder) I cannot find a mini split that will come anywhere close. So have given up on those.
I did find an Exhaust Fan that will provide up to 123,700 CFM, unfortunately it weights 3,500.00 lbs which is not something I could deal with at my location.
To be honest, in hindsight, I would buy one of those Digital Shovel Bitcoin Mining Containers mini shovels, and probably will in the future, perhaps before the end of this year, if I can get my current miners going and mining Bitcoin. I first need to mine and raise some money to not only purchase it, but to put down a gravel road on some property I own, plus verify that the Electric Company will bring 3-Phase to that location, because if they will not, then I have to raise even more money to secure a commercial Real Estate location…hoping not to need to go there.

Just realized I did not answer one of your questions… I am definitely looking to make profit, to have constant passive income. While I do plan to mine some other alt coins that are ASIC mineable in the future, my immediate focus is only Bitcoin, while I am not a Bitcoin maximalist, I own and will continue to buy stocks, I firmly believe that

  • $BTC will be between $150,000.00 and $400,000.00 by December 2024 and if this holds or becomes true within 6 months of that date (say by June 2025), then I firmly believe that
  • $BTC will exceed $1 Million before 2030.
The main reason I would mine other alt crypto coins would be to pay my electric bill and occasionally make profit to purchase more stock. Because I how I feel about Bitcoin, it is my intention to hold it forever, borrow against it to invest and make more money.

Will need to call Factory Fans Direct to see if they offer this in single phase as I am residential, not commercial. This Exhaust Fan is rated 28,800 - 43,500.
Will call and talk to them and let everyone know what I learn…4 x 43,500 = 174,000 CFM…seems like that would do it for me.
So if the Digital Shovel only has 4 fans like this, how does it support potentially 90+ ASIC miners? Must be that separation of cold area from hot area…I like it!
Would allow me to make use of my current 220 - 240 panel and add a few ASIC miners to boot…would require creating a HOT Area segregated from my ASICs so they are pulling in cooler air, but that could work.

You don’t need that much exhaust for 12 miners. 7,000-10,000cfm is more than enough.

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I sure hope you are right.

Because I can not pass the air straight through the shed, I predict the miners closer to the vents on the cold side will fair a little better than the miners further away from those vents. To be safe, going to plan 4 fans pulling out of the hot side, still working out the CFM on each… If it works, will put in a second 200-240 service than my current shed will be maxed out. That will give me between 20 and 24 miners of the types I mentioned above…then I plan to save money and get me one of those Digital Shovels. WOW.

It’s not cheap for me…aprox 12.485 cents per kWh if i am reading my bill correctly. Take a look and let me know.

Come on Bitcoin, go up in price, lol. Seriously, I have funds saved to get me through December 2025 just in case.

From my latest bill: $0.12485 per kWh, if I am reading that correctly.
Basic Service Charge: $0.0.11869 (29 days)
Energy Charge: $0.09699 X 148 kWh < - 148 kWh??? anyone know what this means?
Electric DSM: $0.00154 X 148 kWh
Fuel Adjustment: ($0.00462 X 148 kWh
There was also and "Environmental Surcharge (3.78% X Total Charges) and a Basic Service Charge of $1.35 X 29 days.

Because I do not have a hot and cold side yet, I can only run one miner with a 10,000 BTU A/C unit…I have the A/C on a Meter Box and will have the Fans on Meter boxes as well. All the ASICs will have their own PDUs, so assuming I can get BRAIINS running, I can slow down the fan on one of the S21s to avoid going over 80% of the total circuit. Each ASIC will have a dedicated 30Amp circuit.

My initial attempt to install BRAIINs did not work, could not see the Antiminer Bitmain S21s, did not get the Whatsminers going yet, but have not read any reviews of BRAIINS with those. Suppose I will have to swap out a circuit board to get BRAIINs on the S21s, at least VOSK has a video on his channel for that and it looked really simple to me.

I don’t like hardware particularly, but have no problem plugging and playing a good hardware piece to troubleshoot, just don’t want to soldier…I prefer software, always have, been working in Data Processing and IT Support for more than 30 years now. Have programmed in more than 20 different programming languages over the years, started with IBM 360s and Amdhal 470s, (Cobol, Watfiv, Fortran 77, PLC, a little Assembly, DB2, than some Pascal, C, Basic, a bunch of scripting languages including Exec, REXX and OS/2 related stuff…) but that will not help me here too much with all this hardware.

Perhaps for real time control over the fans and thermostats, one of my early programming jobs was controlling Environmental Chambers (both Summer and Arctic Conditions) with a Commodore 64 and Basic if you can imagine that, lol. It was fun. When the super compressor kicked on, the pipes literally went white and started growing frost, pretty cool. Challenging, but managed to control Temperature within ± .05 and RH within ±1.0 RH.

Have a couple of Raspberry PIs so could whip up controls to control things if I can not find it off the shelf.

Back to kWh:

Now for my house it was worse…why we do not mine in our houses, right …

From my latest bill: $0.63326 per kWh, if I am reading that correctly.
Basic Service Charge: $0.53 (29 days)
Energy Charge: $0.09699 X 738 kWh < - 739 kWh??? anyone know what this means?
Electric DSM: $0.00165 X 738 kWh
Fuel Adjustment: ($0.00462 X 738 kWh
There was also and "Environmental Surcharge (2.640% X Total Charges) and a Home Energy Assistance Fund Charge of $0.30 cents.

If you’re electric rate is above $.09/kWh, you should really just have them hosted somewhere. Imo, you shouldn’t waste money on infrastructure for an electric rate that is higher than having them hosted. I just saw Badger recommend a place that’s $.08/kWh.

BSLF mining. Tell em badger sent ya.

So you had a separate electrical service run to your property for mining purposes only? Just curious because I wanted to do n the same in the future.

It’s amazing. Set it up on a dual meter and all your electric charges for minting are separate.

Yes, you can get single phase run to a shed on your property, sadly we cannot get three phase, which would drop the cost more.

What you will pay depends on contractors around you. In my area, getting an Electrician to do Residential work is very hard, its so much more lucrative for them to do commercial work and if they are good, they are busy and just do not have time for you.

I have read that to get the trench down deep enough, around 4 feet in depth all the way from your shed to the pole, costs between $800 and $1,200 just for the trench.

My Electrician had a digger and did everything, cost me around $10,000 for the one service. It was allot. But I really wanted to host myself.

If the price of Bitcoin goes up to where I believe it will, my slightly higher than .10 cents price will not matter. Assuming that the hosting fees will increase accordingly…for me, once all the costs are made its done, passive income for the next 4 years until the next halving, should be able to mine a few bitcoins by than.

Now if you have space and can permit for one of those Digital Shovels…especially if you can get a 415 circuit (assume that is 3 phase) theoretically you can host 80 - 88 miners in one Digital Shovel pod…man I would like to test that theory. Their PDUs sound fantastic…

Hopefully your Electrical service will cost you somewhere between $5,000 and $8,000…I knew I was paying allot, but like I said, getting someone, especially an Electrician to your house is almost near impossible here.

Hope this info helps you.

Today ordered two awnings from Digital Shovel.

Getting quotes on 28,800 48" fans only have enough wall space for two…so did not want to settle for only 15,000 CFM per fan, though that probably would have been enough for me.

Did some rough math today on how much I have spent where, and was not happy, but have reached “acceptance” (oh the FOMO)…:

On ASIC Miners ONLY: $36,365.36
On Mining Shed (WIP): $28,986.06 and counting… yet to be installed:

  • 2 Digital Shovel Awnings (this and fans are paid for, but not installed yet)
  • Move Security Door on wall
  • Segregate Cold (ASIC) side from HOT (FAN) Side and insulate both
  • Install 8 Fans on one wall for a total of 33980 CFM.
  • find relays to turn fans on/off
  • find thermostats to measure temperatures, outside, cold side, hot side
  • find a way to control the the variable rate fans, basically turn on slow and ramp up slowly and down slowly as needed.
  • write code to do all of the above, if I cannot find software to run and do it.
  • Find an NVR and install NVR (not in shed, but connected via Fiber)
  • install Security Cameras outside shed, inside shed and around house and property.
  • Purchase ASICs to max out my first electric panel
  • If heat is not too much, sell some stock to purchase 2nd electrical service and ASIC miners to fill it up.

Obviously it will be a few more weeks before I can get all the ASICs I have running, as I work a full time job as well.

Two things that make me fill a little bit better is knowing that to purchase a Digital Shovel, I would need to spend between $20,000 and $30,000 on a gravel roadway to get it to my back property, assuming I could get zoning permission to have it.

Second thing is a security wall around the property…right now it’s just a field, a little over an acre, but not secure enough yet.

As I told my contractor, I do not expect to keep a motivated crack head out, but I do expect to slow them down enough to call police and provide an armed response, preferably before they get away with anything. This will be a primary concern for me if I cannot get 3-phase to my property and have to buy commercial property where I can put up one or more Digital Shovels…Security.

Noted in VOSK’s videos that the DIgital Shovels are not secure, so plan to put pretty thick wire fence on the inside of the shed, will not impede air flow, but will prevent someone from pushing out a filter and crawling in.

As to the Fan wall of the shed, may have to put bars up there…figure the thick ones that people in higher risk areas put on their Windows. Purposefully put the wall studs so close together in the wall that segregates the mining shed from my shed that even a crack head cannot push through and the ceiling is 3/4 plywood, not going to crawl in that way either.

Posted this in what I did today, figure I would keep it here also for people reading this thread…

…begin copy/paste, From “What I did today, 6/3/24.”

Today I purchased $2,000.00 worth of Exhaust Fans, One wall of my shed will be 8 fans, 2 across, 4 high. I purposefully bought 2 fans from four different vendors to see which ones last how long. I went ahead and purchased 3 years of assurance on each (usually do not bother with this on most purchases) As to the fans:

  • 2 X Ventisol 20 inch 3500 CFM ($139.99) (8.86" D X 24.43" W X 24.43" H)
  • 2 X FarmLULU 24" 4700 CFM ($285.99) (13" D X 24" W X 24" H)
  • 2 X GRELWT 24" 4390 CFM ($269.99) (13" D X 24" W X 24" H)
  • 2 X Ken Brown 24" 4400 CFM ($209.99) (8" D X 24" W X 24" H)
All of the above are 24 inches X 24 inches except the first one, which is 24.43 X 24.43 mounting 6 will basically be the same, while 2 will be a little different.
Ideally I would be putting two of the same in different locations on the wall to spread them out and can do that with the 6 of them, but those two odd ball sized ones will both be on the bottom or both on the top.
My thinking is simple, if a Digital Shovel on 415 3-Phase can handle between 80 - 88 ASIC S19 Antiminers, I should not have a problem with a max of 22 or 23 ASIC Miners, with two of the Digital Shovel input awnings.
Granted each one of the 4 fans on the Digital Shovel is 15,000 CFM each for a total of 60,000 CFM.
With the 8 Exhaust fans listed, I will have 33,980 CFM.
It is my sincere hope that I will be able to leave one or two of the fans off and cycle the fans through over time....was looking at different kinds of relays tonight, will have to figure how to monitor temperatures in both my cold and hot sides and determine how long to run a fan before I turn it off, should the temperature drop (probably wishful thinking on my part) that way I will not be short cycling any of the fans.
Perhaps I will also put a blower motor in the bottom or top of the hot side to blow some warm air back into the cold side in the winter.
...end copy/paste

While I agree with you simply based on the cost of electricity alone, what guarantees do they offer NOT TO INCREASE their FEEs as Bitcoin increases? Before I would consider others hosting, I would need concrete guarantees that I would pay the same

4 years from now that I would pay now…and

6 years from now that I would pay now…and

10 years from now that I would pay now…

Without such a guarantee, I would rather go purchase commercial land around me where I can get 3 phase, and include that cost to my mining cost, so that I could control all my costs.

I am not in this for the short term....

Has anyone reading this tried Earth Air Tunnels into their Mining Sheds?

Not Geothermal, not a closed loop. Nothing wrong with that...but this is different.

Supposedly a 100 feet or more of pipe can lower temperatures somewhere between 10 and 20 degree F

Would like to hear about yours or others experience with Earth Air Tunnels specifically.

Thinking that the summers are just going to keep getting hotter and hotter, so why not plan ahead and find a passive way to cool the air in your mining shed by as much as possible, might make the difference in keeping mining or having to turn miners off due to heat.

Here is a video, not created by me, that I found that explains it for anyone who is unsure what I am referring to...

What about that "Solar Chimney", pretty cool idea that has been used in arid countries for centuries.

Another thought, if you are planning to put in a Solar or Wind farm to lower your electricity costs...seems pretty smart to me...why not put pipes in underground first and get both.

One last thought...on my Acre plus of land, was planning to put in a new house with two stories underground and one story above ground, with an underground parking structure that would let a limo drive in and turn around to drive out. Even high enough ceilings that a $1.85 Million and up RV (the one that lets you pull a car up in the middle to keep the center of gravity in the middle of the vehicle) could drive down into it and turn around to drive out again....

Perhaps a waterfall from the top to the bottom with a lazy river and pool underground, heat lamps for a sandy beach and tiki the tropics, lol.

Well now that I am on this Mining adventure, I was thinking, wouldn't it be fantastic to have a few mining sheds underground, cave like temperatures year around...

. . . one thing is for sure, not going to be able to do it without Bitcoin hitting $1 Million or more per that concrete would cost allot by itself.

Anyone else using “Rockwall Insulation + Chicken Wire + 2 X 4 Framing” to create an Exhaust Tunnel to cut back on sound…this is one of two sound reducing solutions that I plan to use on my WIP Mining Shed…Since I did not come up with the idea, give full credit where credit is due to TheHobbyistMiner Youtube channel.

Here is the video showing Benjamin's simple and efficient Exhaust Tunnel solution. I am planning on using this idea on my shed, the only question is how long do I need to make it to reduce the sound enough? I checked the ordinances around me and I have to keep it under 60 decibels when 50 feet away....this will do that on the Exhaust side.

Now, if you watched the video above, you learned that the intake side was actually louder than the Exhaust side with the Exhaust tunnel.....well you guessed it, found someone who has licked the intake side also.

Here is a video from Youtuber SiCPoW Mining where he shows his unique intake baffles solution.

He said he does not have many followers, well if you think this info is useful, give him a follow!

Found it interesting that after putting up the baffles, the temperature at the top rack was actually lower than when the air was blowing straight interesting thought.

Granted I am doing ASIC mining and my setup is going to be quite a bit louder, so I am counting on this working as I have a neighbor on the intake side whose property line is about 30 - 45 feet away from where the Intake will be...if you remember I have ordered two digital shovel awnings for my intake, which means my baffels will need to be 6' across. Hey it's cheaper than building a water-wall to muffle the sound of the ASICs. The images in the link are from Google Images. Imagine a fence, but instead of just being a fence, you have water running down to the base and being pumped back up to the top again...that is what I mean by "Water Wall".

I may experiment with two sets of baffels, one on each of the two awnings going down and/or up and into the room and one very large awning that just pushes down.

In other words,

  • The second option would push the air down from both awnings.
  • The first option could push some of the air up and some of the air down,
  • or both down,
  • or both up.

    ....these two solutions in my opinion are brilliant...

    Guess I better get something to measure sound decibels in addition to everything else.