BetFury passive income

First post. So I’ve been using Betfury for a bit now to see how the “staking” actually works. You can actually gamble your own coins. I didn’t but that’s up to you. Every 20 minutes they give you 25 free satoshi. I use that to play the games. I don’t win money, but you build up your stake of BFG(BTC) subtokens based on how much you have wagered. These BFG(BTC) subtokens then provide your staking or your share of the daily dividends paid out. Obviously, the more you wager the more BFG(BTC) you get. There are also boxes you can purchase for a given rate of return. I bought the ruby box which will give 15% on 0.001 BTC after 30 days. It’s something. I still have 7 days to wait on that. I’ll post the withdraw after that’s done. Here’s a screenshot (hope it works).

Here’s a decent explanation video of the site and the staking:

What do you think?

I’ve been playing with the free satoshi for a while now and am up to earning 168 satoshi each day and climbing.

I’ll post about the withdraw later this week after my Ruby Box is completed.

Time for withdrawl.

Will confirm once it posts to my wallet.

Hey David! After seeing your post about Betfury I decided to check it out. The boxes were interesting, but also I found my way over to the staking and dividend rewards section. You can mine BFG token which is the sites native token by playing any of the games and earn 350% APR! Which is more than most DEFI tokens now haha! I started out using the 25 free satoshi that the site gives you every 20 minutes and kept playing the dice game, putting it on 95% chance to win every spin and setting the bet to minimum bet. I know this isn’t going to “win” me any big bitcoin but that is beside the point because I am trying to maximize the amount of bets placed, therfore maximizing the amount of BFG I mine which earns a bigger piece of the dividends. Ultimately, I think that Betfury is an interesting platform and I hope to learn more about the most proficient way to earn money on the platform. I believe that mining the BFG token and earning dividends along with buying boxes and earning a good chunk of change for doing no work will be a reliable and profitable form of passive income. I will attach pictures to help show what I explained below my post. If you find my post helpful and would like to earn some killer passive income, please consider helping me out by using my ref link:

Here is a picture of the current boxes offered at the moment. The only box that is offered right now is a roughly $70 box that will pay out 7% (monthly rate) in a week, or a 10% payout if you keep your coins in the box for a month. I know $7 doesn’t seem like a lot in a month but when you check out the details, you see that each account can buy up to 7 boxes which will multiply your earnings. Also don’t be discouraged by the small deposit amount or small monthly gain, boxes are released all the time with bigger buy in’s and bigger payouts. Something else worth noting is that some of the boxes require you to achieve a certain rank on the platform, and this is done by placing bets. I think I will rank up just by trying to mine BFG token as in my post above and eventually I will rank up and be able to earn passive income through both methods on the BetFury platform.

Here’s the withdrawal in my wallet. It works.

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Remember to withdraw your cashback as soon as it’s available or it will disappear! Thank you to whoever signed up with my referral!

This also works on your smartphone! At least on Android phones. I don’t know about Apple. Give it a shot!

I’m up to over 190 Satoshi per day in passive income.

There are some new box options now. I like that this is absolutely free and has a gaming aspect.

BetFury is celebrating 1 year! Today they are giving out 75 Satoshi every 20 minutes instead of the normal 25 Satoshi!

There is also a new “Party Box” that can earn 20% in 30 days!
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Update: The “Free Box” is now down to 5 satoshi every 20 minutes. Not really worth it. I pretty much just do whatever BitCoin boxes are available to me such as the “Aqua Box” and “stake” for 30 days. They are now doing Binance Coin and Ethereum boxes. It’s still to expensive to move ETH though. I don’t have any Binance Coin so not sure on that one.

If you have 0.005 BNB, you can now stake it for 30 days with the Digital Box and double it! Act fast as the box is nearly sold out.