🚨 BEWARE these guys SCAM starnotics.com🚨

I’m thinking of buying my first s19 from these guys but I’m not sure if they are a scam?

can anyone help?


Batman has the s19j pro 104TH available directly. I’d buy directly from them if I wanted to be sure not to get scammed. Everywhere else seems to mark them up to crazy prices.

They have the S19 Pro 100th/s for $9300 with free shipping to Australia

I’ve bought something from them a week ago, they said will be shipped “instantly”, it is yet to be shipped, I’ll keep you posted.

:rotating_light:UPDATE :rotating_light:

So I think they are a scam in Facebook market place
They have an ad pretending to have “S19 for sale” and I’ve noticed it’s been there for days so when I got in contact with the seller he said it’s been sold but here is a link to were I bought them from and he goes I’ve got a promo code for 20% off :rotating_light: I said okay great I’ll keep that in mind then the seller messages me back the next morning asking if I’ve used the code :rotating_light: ? he says His friend wants to use I just say no I haven’t but maybe we can both use it lol then he sends me a screenshot of the “friend” invoice purchase with the text it works so I jump on my partner’s phone and send a message to the seller pretending to be her I ask is this still available? The seller replies no it’s been sold but here is where you can get it from I reply okay thanks and left it 2 min later he sends me a text here is a 20% promo code :rotating_light: these scumbags almost got me for 10k. BEWARE!

Oct.29th, 2021

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    New B11 66T 50W US$4,976
    New B11 68T 50W US$5,127
    New S19J PRO 100T US$11,150
    New S19J PRO 104T US$11,380
    New Z15 420K No PSU US$11,419

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Used S9 13.5T Bitmain APW3 US$389
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Used S19j PRO 100T US$10,389
Used S19j PRO 104T US$10,804
Used S19PRO 110T US$13,461
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Mate not to be rude who are you?

someone real who dropships and u ?

thought id offer my services seing they almost got you

no worries sir… have a nice day

I’m buyer looking for a seller best way to get in contact with you ?

that was ment for a mesage…

Update: 100% scammers, i get no updates from them, also Twitter and Facebook pages they had were deleted.

Don’t buy for them !!!

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Sorry to hear about your scam purchase and thanks for verifying :slight_smile:

I spent $13.2k on this site, so good bye money… they sent me a DHL tracking number but nothing is happening. Definitely scam… :frowning:

Man sorry to hear :grimacing:

sorry to hear…

starnotics.com Looks like Scam site 4.9 out of 100.