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For all that it may concern

Got a few questions and concerns from a few people, so I’m making a public announcement. is getting a makeover and the new and improved site is going live shortly. In the meantime the website is currently down and is not accessible. All is well and we can still accept new orders.

You can call 888-897-8732 or email me at to get in touch.

Edit: The site is back up, still a few things to be done, but were now live. Let me know what you guys think about it.


Hey mate, was just wondering if you ship to Australia? thanks legend

Yes we do, shipping is free worldwide.

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Fake company

Go home gpugold, no one wants to here about it.

Nothing to complain about lmao that would be ur job

No complaints just don’t like how you shill or poo on threads.

LOL fake company, yea that’s what you are, a fake company. I’ve done business with Aaron in the past, and he’s as transparent as you can get. What about you? From the very start, all you did was panhandling on this forum asking people to give you money so you can fulfill your fake orders. Oh mind you all the fake L7 photos you stole from others and act like you were the owner hahaha…

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Haha I joined here because of him…
I “panhandled” because of him…
My life, money, order delayed and strikes beyond belief because of him…
So all of you perfect people do tell me when you’ve exhaust all avenues and have as much as I do financially at stake what would you do ??? Give up ? Say fu*k you to the people counting on me ??? This is why our world is the way it is. The selfishness mixed with the lack of care / understanding for your fellow peer, the oh well not me so who cares attitude, the ignorant assumptions and finger pointing because so and so told you this or that so it must be true. It’s like the game telephone. Starts one way and ends completely differently.

Hey buddy when did I once claim those to be mine??? I said these were shown to me. Never once did I lay claim to having those in hand or taking those personally. Never.

He’s transparent ??? Than why did he lie and knowingly cause the problem that led to said panhandling ??? Transparent ? That would be me. I met Aaron personally. Paid for his flight to come meet. Good guy, still think that way of him but I’m sick of you dragging me, messaging others to “stay away” as if you have any right or as if anyone has a dam reason to say that. In al my time I’ve got a combined $0 in losses for people who gave me a shot.

Good for you to conduct an honest business. People are very sensitive right now due to many scammers on this forum.


No part of me thinks Aaron is a bad guy or person. He’s got my support despite this. He’s top tier in my book, my coming out party here wasn’t to throw shade his way, it was to try to put a problem out there to a community of people whom it may of been beneficial or worthwhile to get involved with

In case anyone needs a refresher, there are terms and conditions on this forum

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I would ask that anyone who sees posts that violate these terms to flag so the moderators can deal with it accordingly. Also GpuGold has consistently tried to undermine my reputation as well as has been generally combative to others, I don’t need to defend myself as my record does that for me. Thank you @cryptominernv and @Nachlibre for your support.

Sir I’ve done nothing but speak highly of you. If the situation upsets you or makes you look bad perhaps that should tell you something. All I did was panic and explain my situation In hopes to solve the problem not only for you but for myself. The effort I’ve put forth in doing so is unmatched, I don’t quite understand what constitutes me ending up the black listed due to it all. How about maybe looking at it from the perspective that I brought a problem forward hoping to find a fitting match that may want to benefit by getting a price otherwise now unobtainable. I apologize for freaking out but I care plain and simple. I care about others. I care about your money, my money and alls well being.