Binance liquidity as well as flex savings- Personally tried just tonight :)

So i saw some of vosk’s videos and other data on the internet and just went ahead and cleared all the clutter from good old bittrex and consolidated everything into Binance.

Now i also tried out their liquidity option and deposited usdt for DAI pairing with a projected 13-14%.
Also, instead of selling some of my old coins for a loss like CVC, ARK, etc (there are quite a few that i error’d on 3 years ago); i decided to use their flexible savings account. It ain’t much, but tried and tested binance is a go for me now rather than newer players in the space :slight_smile:

I tried out a bit of Eth on Zapper with Uni and its almost up by 40% within a month or two as well! But Binance is seriously easier with withdrawing to your spot wallet and then to your bank account for a layman.

Good luck and if there is anything else cooler in Binance that anyone else has tried please let me know. I have NOT done futures/margin/crazy trading :slight_smile:

also a bit of a XRP holder which just gave me like 200% returns that i booked :+1: