Binance LTC MWEB Question

Binance announced today it will not support deposits or withdrawals of Litecoin that use the MimbleWimble Extension Blocks (MWEB) function. Does this mean my Mini Doge that mines LTC/DOGE will not be able to deposit to them anymore?

I’m pretty sure that means if you use a regular LTC address you’re fine. I think mweb addresses start with ltcmweb from memory, and I think at the moment you can only use mweb with litecoin core. So maybe check the addresses that send you your mining funds doesn’t contain ltcmweb or just get the funds into a non mweb address which is easy to do

Thanks ShredZ. I googled for this answer a couple times before posting. I found it soon after. The MWEB is something you would have to opt into to use.