Binance smart pool

Hi guys just started mining with 18th/s, has anyone tried using the binance smart pool? seems promising with guaranted passive income, if lower they will reimburse, would it be better to mine a specific coin or joining smart pool is better especially with extra bonus reward that occasionally comes with it?

I have never used them but I have used other profit-switching pools for SHA-256. Their fees are 2.5% which is a little high but not terrible. You also have to compare the PPS rate that they pay along with the 2.5% fee. You may be better off in a profit switching pool like that uses D-PPS and charge a 1.9% fee. They do also charge for conversion to the coin of your choice so if you don’t want BSV or BCH or any of the lesser known ones, you also have to factor that in. I usually keep the BSV, BCH and DGB and convert the rest (Freecash, Litecoin Cash etc.) to BTC. Merged mining can be ignored. It takes forever to get even a few pennies worth.

I think Binance is worth a try for a week or two. Then try another pool and compare.