register problem?

Trying to get my crypto career started bye signing up at binance .us . I just moved and my license doesn’t match my address. I sent them all my info . Then they wanted a utility bill so I did . Now they say they want a bank statement with my address on it. Anyone else have this problem ? I’m not sure about sending it . Should I ? They all have the same address. Just my license doesn’t.

I had problems with Binance getting registered because I don’t have a state ID or anything with an address, just my passport. I sent them my bank statement with my address and all of that. They ask it of a lot of people. Just black out any of your account info.

Be aware that for whatever reason they don’t want just the first page with your address on it. They want the entire statement. If you’re still feeling iffy about them you could always try a different platform. Binance takes notoriously long to approve the KYC process. is pretty good and for your first 30 days you can purchase crypto without fees. If you’re in the US you can only use their app for some reason because they don’t allow US residents to use the website.

Thank you for your reply. I have gone to the v about a new license they just gave me a receipt looking paper and said keep it with my license, lol. I’m happy to hear it wasn’t just me kinda thing. I will check out thank you for the insight.

I’m having the exact same issue. Michigan license but new address sticker in the back. I’ve turned in a picture of a portion of a bill AND a downloaded utility bill, still not good enough. I’ll probably have to do a PDF of my Chase account or something

Binance dealing with the IRS at the moment, so not sure if this is a good time

Oh thank you for the update . I haven’t heard about this.

I had an issue where I purchased $500 in Doge, the website froze, then it rebooted. I tried it again. It still didn’t work. It felt like some weird was going on with the transaction, and then I got an email with two separate email receipts. I alerted them froze the account and the money was with drawn anyway and now I am locked out of my account. I have sent them bills, photo ID, took pictures with the dates everything. Twice. I have merged tickets and everything and I still have not got any response.

Ya I gave up . After getting a new drivers license and sending pics. They still wanted my bank account information. Sorry to hear about your problem. I thank their customer service sucks .

BinanceUS unlocked my account. How ever if I try to make a purchase Via ACH are asking for my account log in info & password …via third party :eyes:…naaw I’m cool. That is SUS AF!