Binance.US - Withdrawal Suspension Risk Management

Account withdrawals suspended due to risk management. Anyone have experience with resolving this issue? I’ve tried opening tickets, I’ve tried using the live chat feature for support on just Binace…

Just shy of blasting Binance on their LinkedIn or contacting their legal department…running out of patience with the exchange.

Not sure what’s up but it sounds like they hold some sort of leverage in you, whether you have to cover some sort of collateral or margin that was borrowed.

Thats what I had read as well, unfortunately for me - I did deposit more USD, however still no change in ability to withdraw. Haha! And now I can’t even withdraw the cash that was deposited. Everyone has their own opinions, but I do not ever plan to use binance again :slight_smile:

Just giving a follow up here, after not receiving any customer service follow ups for the past month…I broke down and connected with CEO on LinkedIn and started messaging. Withdrawal service was promptly restored and all positions quickly evacuated off the binance exchange. Hope this helps anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation.