This is a fake website and scammers, once you purchase, they change to different website.

I purchased Goldshell KD5 Kadena 18 TH/s for $15,0000 and they have a phone number 1-619-786-9082. They are also selling on eBay. I purchased through their website. They said it’s safe to pay using PayPal and send me a PayPal link.

I paid $15,000 through PayPal on Nov 15,2021 at 1.30 PM Central time and next day Nov 16, 2021 they emailed me a FedEx tracking number which say package delivered on Nov 15 at 12 PM at my front door. how is it possible for a package to be delivered 1 hour before payment? I dint receive any package. Called FedEx and they say, this package was delivered and the address they delivered was 25miles away from where I live.

when trying to reach the phone number or email address no response and the website was temporarily down.

They opened a new web site with all the same information, to scam people. they have US number, but their PayPal invoice was in Portuguese. IT’S A SCAMMMMMMMM please don’t send any money to them.


Thank you for letting us know, there also is another website

Just some advice…if the price is too good to be true (especially from a site that is not the actual manufacturer), you are getting ripped off. This happens everyday to a lot of people and I am sorry you got scammed, but let’s all just take a look a what we are buying and from who. Do some research and check reviews/references before purchasing. Don’t FOMO in!

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