, any review or purchase

Have any every purchased any miner from, would like to hear any experience, are they legit or scam.

If you can buy a KD5 for 15k, you need to hawk your mothers rings. prices to low. It seems SUS.

the low price is concerning, but they responded i can pay using Paypal. :thinking:

L7’s go for twice that much. KD5’s go for 66k. Unless you can get you money back I would not use em.

I run into them today on ebay and then went on their website. Below are my findings.

Let me know if I was I too harsh and blew my opportunity to buy KD5 at $15k or would you agree they are a scam?

Wanted to get second opinion.

Run into ebay listing for KD5 that was bid up to $26,000 and going for 7 more days. -

The description stated that one could purchase KD5 for $15k on their website - NEW GOLDSHELL KD5 – KADENA MINER (18TH) Limited Stock ⛔ Only 15000$ in Website ⭐ | eBay

Went to the website, and the prices are fantastic and you can buy or pre-order things :blush:

L7 9500 = $9,000

S19 Pro 110 = $9,000

KD5 = $15,000

Started a chat (see below).

Was not able to locate them on the state website or Google Maps.

Screams, “Scam.”

Confronted them on this. But hell, what is that going to do.

They accept paypal.
As I am typing it up, they’ve updated KD5 price to $25k, and the chat function is removed.
Oh, the website seem buggy and even though people a free to misspell their company’s website’s names, “Antiminer” is not same as “Antminer”, and is more like “Anti Miner” :blush:

Google Maps - K - Google Search

Whois Database -

Ebay - NEW GOLDSHELL KD5 – KADENA MINER (18TH) Limited Stock ⛔ Only 15000$ in Website ⭐ | eBay

SOS California - Business Search - Business Entities - Business Programs | California Secretary of State

Seller’s positive feedback is for buying; not selling things. My thought someone’s account got jcked - Feedback Profile


Chat with Support
Chat with SupportMinimizeOpen options
We reply immediately
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are you located in US?


OK. it shows that you have Antminer L7 9500 on sale. Is it in stock in US warehouse?

Will be available in December

OK. I have never used your website before. How long havy you been in the business and what is the legal entity name and state?
Today, 18:09

We are start in 2019
You can see belowe website
We are certified site

OK. what is the legal entity name and state of organization?
Legal entity name is bitantiminers
Support -Today, 18:13
We located in san diego

OK. What state is bitantiminers organized in?
Today, 18:14

I am doing my due diligence before I place an order; so, please do not take it personally.
Don’t worry
You can see we use paypal payment secure
You are safe
You can anytime refund your payment

OK. What state is bitantiminers organized in?
Today, 18:15
San diego

OK. So, it is organized in California, then?


OK. And you organized it in 2019, right?


OK. What is your business address?

1278 university ave san diego CA 92103
Support -Today, 18:27
Thank you for contact

OK. Do you also offer Nails & Spa service?
We live next craft city
What do tou mean by scamming ?
We use paypal secure payment

Your company is not registered with the state; your address is bogus; your prices are great and inventory is available when everyone is sold out.

And we don’t scamm any one

read my prior note
Your website was created only a couple of days ago… LOL

Sorry i will close this chat
Good bye
We are not intersted about miners
You can talk with support in phone if you need help

Of course you will. You might as well close all your listings on ebay as well. I am about to report you there too.


That’s crazy shit. I just got delivered a s19j 104th/s. From bitmain website. Be careful scams everywhere…if price is to good to be true it’s a scam. If they have inventory but everywhere else is sold out it’s probably a scam too

True. They have E9 for $18k December batch :wink: - New Bitmain Antminer E9 (3Gh)

It is not available anywhere else…

They are scam website for sure. I order through PayPal and I inquired for order update through PayPal resolution center, they refunded my money not even a minute later.

I placed an order with them and they started dragging their feet. Paypal contacted me and asked for more information so i opened a case to get my money back no refund yet. It appears to be a scam site. They did increase their price to 25K of the unit though.

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Hello there What can I help you with?

just checking on my tracking number

since paypal started asking alot of questions

Hello what is your order number

And your name with adresse

Okay i will check and send you the info soon in your email

Paypal about what asking ?

Let me check

And see

What is the problem

Yes because offer is end

ok, alot of forums are popping us saying this site is a scam

California oooh you are the walletking


You have open a case for 2k $

and 13000

You want cancel the order ?

id like to get the item

but if its going to be more delays then yes

But you are open a case

We will refund your order

Ok thats fine

Because we will send you the products


And upload your tracking but you don’t stell want

The products no problem

i have been asking for the tracking number

but its seems very hard to come by

Thank you for contact you will get your refund

No you are just paid yesterday

i paid on 2 days ago

on saturday

24hours for process your payment

And 24h for ready to send your package to fedEx

thats fine

the cases are open

if you want to send then send and the cases will close

either way is fine with me

No sorry

I will talk with technical support for refund you order and get back the KD5

Thank you you have a nice day

ok sounds good to me

Good bye


If you can find my open case then you should be able to refund the money

Yes we will refund the money

And will be release in your account after verification from paypal

yes i know, i have used paypal for 10 years

you just have to click a few buttons and it goes back.

Yes we are click to refund

And paypal is reviewing now the cases

You can call them

yes and you have the options of closing the case right now

by refunding the money

No we don’t have

Because paypal say to review your case

so you would refund it immediately?


Good bye

Thank you for contacting

thank you i’ll report this transaction back to the forums that say you are scamming people

No we use paypal and credit card payment

We are more safe

We have reviews from costumers

really where?

@Andrew_Gilton site is down now, they were for sure a scam site

Yes i ran into same company and now their website is down now, i Paid 15k for KD5 through Paypal and they send me a Fedex tracking number which say’s delivered., I called Fedex and the information on the package is not my info, now i have a case with Paypal and they are reviewing it.